Thursday, November 29, 2012


November has come and is almost out of here!  Where in the world has the time gone!  We have so much to be grateful.  When my heart is in the right place it is extremely full.  Sometimes I have to snap myself out of the beginning of a pity party when I start to dwell on one trivial trial-hey, I am honest and I am human .  As much as I am a positive person, I occasionally give in to temper tantrums.  Who doesn't?  You are lying :)
Some things I am grateful for:
*My family.  Sometimes my kids and spouse (hee hee) can drive me BA-NANAS!  But at the end of the day, they are the most important.  I love each one of them.
*My house.  It's not the newest nor biggest, but it's ours; it's a home; it's safe and protects us from the elements; it's comfortable.
*Our vehicles.  Have I ever mentioned how I feel like a used car lot.  We have 4 vehicles: 2 trucks, a sedan, and a suburban.  We have 2 (TWO) drivers.  In our defense, one truck is a work truck, the suburban is mine and Trevor has the other two for him. 
*Our health.  In a world where everyone knows someone with a debilitating disease, we feel blessed that we just catch a cold every now and then.
*My hubby's income.  Again, in a world where so many people are out of work or underemployed we are grateful for the income that provides for us. 
*Our extended families.  We both have very good in-laws that love us and support us in all we do. 
*Our friends.  We have some of the greatest friends who have amazing listening skills, who can make us laugh, who can related to us and our craziness!
*Our horses.  There is nothing better than a ride up the trail with all six of us.  Great family time.
*Our dog, Belle.  She's a nut, but she brings smiles to all of our faces.
*The Gospel.  Our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Without our Savior we would have none of this, or at least not have gratitude for all of it.  Everything comes from Him and for that I am eternally grateful.

Of course there is more, but the list would just go on and on and on and on and on and on.....

Thanksgiving Day was wonderful:  Dinner at my brother's house with all the family and a friend of my mom's.  I hope we didn't scare her away :)  We can get a little obnoxious playing games and goofing around. 
The next day we hopped in the truck and drove up to the mountains to find our perfect Christmas tree.  Well, we found one....all 40 feet of it!  I will have to post a picture later-for some reason it's not letting me do it now-it says I have run out of storage space, HUH?

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


I figured I should jot some thoughts down while my two naughty, er, beautiful children were sitting in time-out.  Oh, some days I wonder....that's all, just wonder.

The pups all went to their  homes.  I feel so blessed that I had a good feeling about each owner.  All were going to homes where they would be hunting or homes with lots of children to give them lots of loves.  One pup went to a couple that planned on having her as a house dog-apparently they have had lots of labs as house dogs and thoroughly enjoy having them inside all the time.  I say, to each his own.  Belle does get to come in and enjoy the home, but she is definitely an outdoor dog.

Halloween came and went.  It was the warmest Halloween ever.  I believe the temp was 75 degrees.  I will take that any day.  Tomorrow we are supposed to get a huge snow storm, so now I can listen to Christmas music without feeling too guilty :)

Sporty and one of his baseball buddies-Chip-needless to say, he is quite entertaining

My little ninja fell asleep around 6pm and didn't wake up until the next morning.  When he woke up he asked if we were going trick-or-treating.  Poor kid-missed Halloween.

Sporty has started basketball and he is on a great team this year.  His coach is a really great coach.  His team consists of a mix of baseball team members and football team members.  It's really fun to watch them play and it's more fun for Sporty to have his sport buddies on his team.  He bonds so easily with his teammates and he truly loves them all.

Diva has started basketball as well.  BRAGGING MOMENT:  Diva is a very good athlete.  She is very competitive and she has the drive to do well, alot like Sporty.  I am her coach and I am really enjoying my team.  These girls work so hard and play with a lot of spunk.  We are even 3--0, which at this age really doesn't mean anything, but heck, we are undefeated.  I have twin towers which is awesome and then I have 2 half-pints that are cuter than snot.  They get in there and strip the ball away from the!

Lolo is doing very well in Kindergarten.  She still has no Zilch, ZERO, NADA desire to play soccer or sports for that matter.  That's okay, really.  She has started to play the piano and she wants to play the violin.  Good enough for us :)

Z-man is, well, out of control. He's gotten away with being crazy and encourage by uncles to be crazy for so long that it has kind of become him. We are trying to tame the beast without killing the spirit :)

Here we are in a nutshell.  Yes, we are just a little bit nuts, too.  Well, I am.