Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good Update

We F-I-N-A-L-L-Y got word back on Trevor's lip.........
It's normal.  PHEW.  Can you see my shoulders stand a little taller?  Can you see the bags under my eyes lighten up just a titch?  Can you sense my blood pressure stabilizing?  However, the Doc does want him to come in for a follow up in one month.  I am beginning to see a pattern with this doctor and it last about a month.  Good news, good news.  sigh

A prayer of thanks goes out to a loving Father in Heaven as well as to family and friends.  THANK YOU.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yaddi yadda yadda

Right now I am relfecting a bit on life-on the ups, on the downs.  This morning started out on an up:  It's Trevor's birthday, I went on a run with a good friend, made a "breakfast in bed" for Trevor, the girls' rooms were all clean, chores were finished or being completed (with no complaining!), and the kids were happy-I was happy.  AND.THEN.IT.HIT-like a snowstorm in March in Utah.  The kids are bored, they are fighting, I am yelling (of course I NEVER yell...), rooms are a mess, there is screaming, crying, tattling, blaming....need I go on?

And then I realize, this is normal.  I am not alone in this-EVERYONE goes through these moments.  And then they pass.  But it hits me as I read others' blogs or the paper or watch the news just how BLESSED I am and how blessed my family is, even with the chaos.

We went through a little health scare with Trevor.  I won't go into details but there are two things we have dealt with or are still dealing with.  The first is over and done with-nothing to worry about, it will pass.  The second one is still in the process of wondering, worrying, waiting-I hate waiting-and thinking, "when in the world will the doctor get back to us.  It's been almost 3 weeks."  UUUGGHHH!  Trevor had a biopsy done on his lip, so we are just waiting, AGAIN WAITING, for the results.  Trevor did call on Friday and was told the results are in the computer but the doctor hasn't looked at it.  Which makes us think we don't have a lot to worry about.  But guess what?  I.AM.A.WORRIER.  I also think of worse-case-scenarios.  Can't help it-I am a mother. But seriously, when will the doctor look at the results???

Moving on:  I will keep this brief as well.  Remember the adoption I mentioned earlier.  Well, my sister found herself pregnant, single, and realizing that this sweet baby needed more in her life.  She has decided to place with an amazing family.  And it happens to be with a family that Trevor and I know very well. It will be an open adoption and long-story-short I now have two more nephews and soon, a sweet niece.  My mom all ready tells people she has 11, soon to be 12 grandkids.  My kids have started referring to Jared and Amanda as their aunt and uncle.  Our family is expanding-who'd've thought... To see their story click here.  But what a blessing in their lives and even in my sister's life-she has had to grow up a ton.  I truly have great respect for what she is doing.  So selfless, extremely difficult, but wonderful.  I don't think any of us truly understand the magnitude of this choice.  I, for one, feel like she will be blessed beyond comprehension for this choice she is making.

So see, even as I write this, my two year old has managed to dump out the toy bins with loud bangs, but I sit here grateful (though frustrated) for my life and for my AMAZING husband, and crazy, amazing children.  I believe in a Heavenly Father and His plan and I am truly grateful.