Thursday, February 14, 2013


    Happy Valentines Day! 

From our family to yours!

ps not sure why I can post pictures now

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am so so so so far behind

I'm like a broken record.  I am so far behind and have so much to say!
First of all, I am ticked that I cannot upload anymore photos.  I shouldn't have to pay to show the world  few people my cute photos.  I just shouldn't have to do it. 

Second, a horrible tragedy struck the United States and very close to home here in Utah.  Sandy Hook Elementary was the site of a mad gunman who shot innocent children and adults.  One of those innocent children was Emilie, and her parents are family friends.  So, like the rest of the State, Country and even world, Trevor and I were praying for a family (and the others) and trying to make sense of a senseless act.  We were able to attend the Wake and Funeral for this little girl and shed tears with her parents, her grandmother and her aunts and uncles that we know.  Horrible-no one should ever have to go through this.  How grateful I am for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge we have of Eternal Families and for the Comforter who is there to, well, comfort them during their time of need. We are still praying for this family and I don't think we are going to stop.

Third, Christmas came and went without too much of a hitch.  No one was sick on Christmas Day like last year, but we were on the surrounding days.  AND Trevor had to coach a basketball tournament all week.  The only time I get my husband during the basketball season and baseball season combined and he is off to Salt Lake City from dawn to dusk coaching.  BLAH.

Fourth, New Year's was pretty chill.  I took the boys skiing and then we came home to a good old fashioned family New Year's Eve Party at home.  We played games and drank sparkling cider.  All the makings of a fabulous PARTAY!

Fifth, Sporty has caught the skiing bug.  OY.  I thought baseball was going to be expensive; skiing is killer.  Thankfully Utah has a program where you pay $25 and your child can ski every resort in Utah three times for free as a fifth grader and once each as a sixth grader.  I can handle that cost.....for now.

Sixth, I hate January in Utah.  It should be changed to Inversionary.  It's icky and ucky and I can't stand the dirty air.  BLAH.

Seventh, February has started out a bit better-massive snow storms that have cleared out the gunk temporarily have helped, Diva will be getting baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I get to take a girls weekend with three of my awesome gal pals :)  CAN'T WAIT!  I don't handle the gloomy weather very well so this will be a nice getaway.

Did you read that last paragraph carefully?    I GET TO GO AWAY FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND!