Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snuggle time

Right now my little Z-man and I are enjoying some snuggle time.  I love when he wants to sit on my lap and just chill...even if I am typing away on the computer and balancing my checkbook.  Both of my boys have always been awesome snugglers.  To this day, Sporty  loves to come jump into bed with me or cozy up to me on the couch and give me loves.  And I love that he doesn't get embarrassed to admit that he is an ultimate snuggler.  My boys must get it from their daddy-he is a snuggler too!  I love my boys!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny video...

This animation hits the nail on the head when it comes to talking about Ragnar and why I run it.  I laughed and laughed.  I have even been told that this is what a conversation with me is like when discussing running.  Although, I will beg to differ on the fact that I have an AWESOME personality and do not talk monotone.

Monday, June 27, 2011


RAGNAR 2011 came and went without a hitch..well, not too much of one anyway.  What would Ragnar be without hills at the end of a 6 mile run that is also the third run, and ran with very little sleep?  Ragnar wouldn't be crazy if it weren't for a bazillion Honey Buckets at each exchange, or sleep deprived runners who are dancing with the bumpers of vans.  Ragnar wouldn't be insane without the plethora of vans, suburbans, and people EVERYWHERE.  Ragnar wouldn't be fun without the giggling, laughing, friendly bantering, etc, etc, etc.  I get asked all the time why I would run such a crackpot course...well, because it is fun.  There is actually a video I need to post that explains all of the "fun"-I just need to find it.
This year I was in van 2 and we started around 12:30 pm on Friday, June 17 (Z-man's birthday).  I ran my first leg-3.5.  Did well; ran it in about 28 minutes.  My second run was 7 miles around midnight and I ran that in one hour-again, I think I did well.  My third leg was 6 miles-gradually uphill until the last mile-ish, then it got MUCH steeper (or at least in my sleep-deprived mind it went STRAIGHT up).  In fact, the guy I was about to "kill" (pass) looked at me and cussed quite loudly, to which I replied, "it wouldn't be Ragnar if they didn't throw this hill in on our last run".  I then took off-after all, this is why I have been running up and down hills for the last few months.  I took this run a bit slower-everything about me was just too tired.  Boy, when I got to the exchange I think my body sensed the relief and totally shut down.  It was AWESOME to know that I was finished!
Carla is slapping the wristband on me, but I am behind the volunteer in the yellow vest.
..and she's off!
My stupid shoe came untied right as I was about to grab a drink.
Let's go.
..some more running.
..and some more.  Like my peace signs?
This is me imitating Phoebe's run from "Friends"
..and some more running.  One would think I was in a race...
Hooray for the exchange!
Zjani-she was VERY entertaining on this little excursion.
Carla-the Determinator
Tia is in the middle.  What I thought were pictures of Kathy and Lesa turned out to be video, so I don't have any still shots of them, yet.
'Ol reliable....the Honey Buckets
Gotta stretch before the 3rd run.  BTW-I "killed" this chick about 10 minutes into the run.  She even had a good head start on me.
Stretchy pants are awesome!
Waiting for Carla to slap the bracelet on me.
Here I go!
Whoever took this shot has quite the photogenic view...
No shame in walking-I just got a drink! Duh.  Unless you want water up your nose, you walk.
This is up Ragnar hill.  10 ft snow banks.
More snow
..and more snow.
...and Tia
Again, where in the heck is Kathy and Lesa?

We got a little bored so Zjani started knocking down the snow piles.
AH, there's Kathy and Lesa between Me and Carla
I don't have a picture of the entire team yet-that will come later.
This is one of my bff's, Allison-she and her hubby ran in a couples van.  I am hoping to recruit her to our team next year.  We just have a rip-roarin' good time when we are together. 
Hooray Ragnar-why do I do this?  Because it is fun!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Special night

 My younger brother, Tyler, was able to go through the Bountiful LDS Temple a week ago.  This was a wonderful night to spend with him, his fiancee, her mom, my parents, and my Aunt Renee (aka Family History Guru).  He did this in preparation for his wedding that actually occurred yesterday.  Such a great day as well-more to come later.  Congrats Ty and Tanya-we are so proud of both of you and your choice to be sealed for Eternity in the House of the Lord.
Ty, Tanya, Moi, Ted, Sandi, Becky

Aunt Renee is in the Turquoise-what a great color on her, don't you think?

Happy birthday!

Z-man turned 2 on June 17.  We actually celebrated the night before because I was running in RAGNAR the next day (more on that later).

As usual we had a house full of family that we love, we had cake (SUPER YUMMY) and ice cream (not so yummy-the chocolate tasted horrible...), Z-man opened up his gifts, and we laughed while the kids played.  It was a good night. 

Here are some highlights what Z-man can do/say:
1. FINALLY speaking, though not articulate
2.  LOVES to play in the backyard
3.  LOVES Belle, his dog
4.  LOVES horses, loves to ride them and will not get down to take turns
5.  Has an incredibly LOUD, high-pitched scream when angered
6.  Loves to snuggle
7.  Loves to give loves
8.  Loves his hot dogs
9.  Shadows Trevor while he services his mowers
10. Has a very funny personality-loves to tease people
11. He is ALWAYS excited to see his "pappas" and "mamas" (he always adds an "s")
12.  Loves his "joooooce" and "nolk" (juice and milk)
13.  He lights up when a sibling or parent walks into the room
14.  Loves to jump on the tramp
15.  He likes to just run, run, run outside
16.  Loves to read books
17.  Loves to play with his lawn mower
19.  Loves, loves, LOVES his blanket
20.  He is such a mama's boy!

We sure love this boy-he is such a ray of light and he makes us all smile.  Happy birthday Bug!  We love you!

Aunt Heidi gave him sand toys which will come in handy when we go to the lake.  Little did she know she got her money's worth...this is also an awesome sword!

Grandma and Grandpa gave him this cute Trike.  He still isn't quite sure how to pedal it.

Had to throw this picture in... he actually doesn't have his finger UP his nose, it's on the side.

This kid is OBSESSED with lawnmowers, so naturally we got him one.

Dump Truck!

Hey Lolo-feeling a bit left out?

We were fortunate to have my Aunt Renee (aka Family History Guru) at the party.  It was great to see her and be around her.  Thanks Renee!

Grandpa and Grandma and cousin A

Aunt Heidi and H

Diva and Aunt Lyndi

Hooray!  A basketball set for the tubby.  Z-man loves to take tubbies.

Seriously, my favorite cake EVER!

Poor A-she isn't sure she likes to be held by a fellow baby.

Happy birthday Bug!  and Heidi you look awesome  lol!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer has begun..

My friend Julie called me up and, long story short, we took the kids to the pool.  Diva and E hit it off and were like little mermaids swimming around.  Lolo and A took a more timid approach, but ended up having a blast as well.  Sporty lucked out because some kids from school and his baseball team were there to hang out with.  I left Z-man at home-I am a smart mother, don't you think?
Diva and E striking their best "robot" pose.

Little Lolo

Sporty just chillaxin'

Somewhere Diva learned how to dance the "robot".  I think she did it much better than I EVER could.  Remember, in cheerleading I was ALWAYS put in the back, ALWAYS...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are the champions...

Sporty eats, sleeps, plays, thinks, and watches baseball like his life depends on it.  The kid is obsessed.  His little team went to Idaho Falls, ID, for a tournament and DUN DUN DUN, the won the whole SHEBANG!  Oh my goodness-we were so proud of all the boys!  They played their little hearts out and ended up going 5-0 for the tournament.  Man, they played some tough teams-who knew 9U baseball could be THAT competitive, but it is.
Sporty played his heart out and was hitting the ball like crazy.  He finally started to peak and at just the right time.  SO.PROUD!  And, of course, we had to take lots of pictures, so I hope you enjoy them.

Oh yeah, after the championship game I got hit on by the outfield umpire.  I replied that I was happily married and his reply was, "He's a LUCKY man!"  Yes he is, and I am lucky to have Trevor!
Sporty loves to play catcher.

Z-man goofing around with momma.

My little slugger

Do you like how Sporty is prepared as the pitch is being thrown?  Note the sarcasm in my writing...

Congratulations team!

This is his first trophy.  He informed me that he should have one more chore on his list....dusting his trophy!

Both teams played well....

...but time to cut the other team off.  Great job boys!