Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As promised...

We eat, sleep, breathe, and play baseball all spring long.  And just when I think it's tapering off-BAM-Trevor gets a call to coach the State 4A All-star Baseball Game.  It really is an honor, and I am not complaining, especially since we were treated to a nice dinner with Frank Layden as the guest speaker.  We were able to sit with one of the players that played for Trevor, and (how funny is this?)  he had NO.IDEA who Frank Layden even was!  BWAHAHAHA.  However, Frank stopped coaching the Utah Jazz in 1988-this player wasn't born until 1993.  So, I can understand. 

The next night was the big game.  The North (Trev's team) beat the South.  It was a fun game, a long game and it created a lot of good memories for Trevor, the players, and for the the coach Trevor called to come assist.  Turns out that this coach was not going to coach baseball anymore and this was a nice farewell for him.  Trevor had no idea until game night.  It was fate.

Can't ever get a different view-Bum is always towards me...

I love this picture-just a Dad and his Pal having a fun conversation.

The coach on Trev's left was one of his missionary buddies-he coached the South Team.

Z-man stormed the field

Trev's player, B.  He was Z-man's favorite buddy.

This is the assistant coach that would be hanging up his hat after tonight.

Coach and his All-star!

I am going to be out of chronological order, but up next, a recap of Trevor's Baseball team and how they did this year.

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