Thursday, April 29, 2010

Results are in...

After a 9 day cleanse I lost 9lbs!  Can you believe it?  I can.  I worked hard for that loss.  My mom lost 6lbs and Lyndi lost 4lbs.  Congratulations ladies!

This morning I was looking in my full length mirror when Diva came up to me and says, "Your clothes sure look prettier on you today.  Your belly is smaller."  and she walked off.  This girl notices WAY TOO MUCH!  Gotta love her though.  She is always complimenting me and others as well.

I went for a 5 mile run tonight with my friend Carla and it was actually fun to run it.  We chatted the entire time and just had fun.  Carla and I are both running in a relay together, as well as 3 other people.  I am really looking forward it.  We are also running in the RAGNAR relay with 10 other ladies, so we are training for that as well.  It felt good to get out and run, but it felt better running with a friend aiming for the same goal.  Ahhh, heck, it's just better to run with a friend then all by my lonesome!   6 miles on Satuday-BRING.IT.ON

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 9

OHHHHHHH, it's the last day!  Hooray!  Tomorrow I weigh in and see my progress-can't wait!   Talked to my mom today and she felt anxious and on edge (for whatever reason) and so she was TRYING to find something to eat.  She even searched through all her desk drawers for some kind of treat to nibble on, but thankfully she had cleared out her drawers before she started the woman.  Eventually, she decided to heat up her berry drink (since it was a winter-like day today) and that seemed to hit the spot. Well, I, too, was feeling anxious and tense so I did the same thing-AND IT WAS GOOD!  I felt like I was sipping a fruity herbal tea.  I really enjoyed it.  I think my problem was 1) it was cold, 2) I was couped up, 3) I knew this was my last day, & 4) I was a little stressed today.  So, now the day is about complete and I have one berry drink left and I will have accomplished my goal....I hope.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Day 8

Almost complete!  Day 8 brought a temptation that I am proud to have snubbed.   I cooked a pizza last night for the kids and I swear it was calling my name.  I even went as far as to dip my finger in the sauce and ALMOST licked it.  I refrained.  What will power!  Pizza could be my middle name.  My brothers and cousins used to to tease me by chanting, "Lisa, Lisa, married a pizza and flushed her husband down the toilet."  Actually, it's very fitting today, as I LOVE pizza.  That little phrase would make me cry a river, though.

Last night I was thinking I was hungry, so I just kept drinking more water and had my Isagenix snacks and an Isagenix chocolate (yes, chocolate) and I made it through.  Truth is, I was not hungry, my belly was not growling, I could just smell the aroma of yummy-in-your-tummy pizza and was thinking how fabulous it would taste.  It literally was calling my name.  ANYWAY, I made it through, my mom and sister did, too.

Now, I am not saying this is easy-peasy pumpkin pie, but it's not hard, especially if you take it one day at a time and really think about the results you can have.  Not just the physical results that the outside world can see (and they will see), but the inner results of having a healthier lifestyle and the positive change it can bring in your life.  Here's to Day 9-FINAL DAY

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 7

Today I did well, again, but I will admit that tonight I am feeling a bit discombobulated.... hmmm, is that how you even spell it?  I don't think I am hungry, but I am kind of  in a non-active, non-caring mode right now, so I wonder why I keep thinking about that granola up in my cupboard.  I all ready had my shake for breakfast, a sensible lunch and my shake for dinner but I just keep thinking about G-R-A-N-O-L-A.  Hmm,goood.  Me want it-me want it now.  Not really, just thinking it.

Anyway, Lyndi and I exercised this morning and she claims she has stuck to the plan, so on and so forth.  We both had to weigh in today for our "Biggest Loser" competition.  She was down 3 lbs and I was down 5 lbs.  FANTASTIC in my book.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 6

Today started out very well-had my shake for breakfast and then had my other shake for lunch.  I wasn't hungry and I didn't think I was hungry either.  But then 3pm happened.  I swear 3pm it the almighty hunger hour.  I didn't cheat, but my tummy was growling-or at least I imagined it to be and I was hungry.  5o'clock could not come soon enough!  Thankfully, though, I didn't over do it at all at dinner.  I did have a bite of the cake and a scoop of sherbet ice cream.  I am proud of myself for not giving in to temptation.  I have worked too hard to blow it now.  Whew!  Sunday is almost over and I can start afresh tomorrow.   So good night all!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 5

Day 5 started with a BANG!  I got up at 4:50 am (yep AM on a Saturday) and met my friend Carla for a morning run.  We did a 4 mile loop that was insane.  It was all hills, hills and more hills.  She later texted me to say she was all ready sore from it.  As crazy as it was, I could totally do it again.  So with my exercising completed for the day, all that was left as Diva's soccer game and Sporty's 2 baseball games. 

During all this time I was feeling good, full, energized.  Then we came home from all the raucous and I totally hit a brick wall.  When I get tired I think I am hungry.  So I cleaned out my car, cleaned my kitchen and cut  vegetables (which took me about an hour to do-who'd've thunk) to keep my mind off food (ironic, huh?).  THEN I remembered that there was a ward cookout, so I packed the kiddos up and headed out.  Do you know how hard it was to see my favorite desserts and to actually stay away from them?  I did though.  The kids ate and since I all ready had my shake for the night, I stayed clear of the food table.  It worked.  Yay me and Yay will-power!

Earlier today I asked Lyndi how she was doing on the cleanse-she was doing great.  She has all ready noticed that her pants are looser now and she loved that.  I am really proud of her-she has not complained and she is sticking to it very well.  My mom is also doing fantabulous.  She is motivated as ever to stick to this and keep it up.  Good job ladies!

Day 4

Oops, forgot to post for day 4.  It went pretty much the same as day 3.  All three of us are still sticking to the program fantastically.

And Trevor's baseball team beat the #1 team 12-1 tonight.   Hooray!  That still keeps them in the #2 spot, but makes the first place spot much more attainable.  It was a good old fashioned butt-whooping!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 3

Fantastic!  After I posted Day 2, I did come down with a headache, which is normal when you cleanse.  For me, it was a first.  I rarely have side effects.  But I just drank more water and was up a few times in the night-hee hee hee. 

Anyway, today went very well for me and my mom.  Still feeling the energy, still feeling great.  We stuck to it and had no problems.  Lyndi, on the other hand, got sick.  Sick as in a cold or viral thingy-unrelated to the cleanse.  So as far as her shakes day went, she did great as well.  I am pretty sure she didn't cheat.

I should explain a little about how Isagenix works.  We have chosen to do the 9 day cleanse.  There are other options, but this one is a bit more aggressive.  Day 1 and 2 is the Berry Juice. You drink it 4 times a day and drink lots and lots of water.  You also take 6 Isagenix Snacks with it and 2 natural accelerator pills.  You get all the nutrients you need and your NOT starving yourself.  Think of a nursing baby-that bundle of joy gets everything it needs in a liquid. 

Days 3-7 you have 2 shakes and one nutritious meal that has around 600 calories, Plus the 6 Isagenix snacks (if needed) and the 2 natural accelerators (BTW-this WILL NOT make you jittery).  The shakes are very nutritious-when I was pregnant with the last 3 kids, I drank the shakes under my OB's knowledge.  To quote him, "this is nothing but good food that your body needs."  I DID NOT CLEANSE while pregnant, only had one shake a day with something else like toast or fruit or eggs.  I did not use it as a meal replacement.

Days 8 and 9 is the Berry Juice again with 6 Isagenix snacks and the 2 natural accelerator pills.  That's it, folks.  

I will be honest-some people HATE the juice and LOVE the shakes, or Hate the juice and Love the shakes or hate both.  I personally can tolerate the juice and I love the shakes.  And just like anything, I still have to work on keeping my eating habits good and keep on exercising.  Honestly, it works.  It's not easy, but OH SO WORTH the results!  .

11 Years ago today...

     11 years ago today, Trevor came home from serving in the California Sacramento LDS Mission.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  This was the day that would change my life (for good) forever. 
    Trevor had written me a letter asking me to come to the airport, and, of course, I wanted to go.  But I was a little apprehensive, because I didn't want to interfere with his family time.  So I called one of my BF, Allison, and asked her to come, too.  (She knew Trevor years before I did)  Anyway, I got ready and made sure I looked my cutest and Al and I drove down to the airport.  We get there and we have to park FAR FAR away and take a shuttle in.  While on the shuttle I got lipstick all over the front of my shirt, and yes, it was noticeable.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.
     We get inside the terminal and walk down to the gate (this was when you could walk all the way down to the gate) and greet ALL of Trevor's family.  Not only was his immediate family there but both sets of grandparents too.  A little intimidating, to say the least.  But, everyone was smiling and all said hi and we sat and chatted until the big moment.
    So, not long after we arrived, Trev's plane lands and he walks out of the exit, looking a little dazed and out of it (later he told me that the plane had a lot of turbulence and he got motion sickness).  Of course his mom and dad give him a big hug and then the siblings (Nick was serving in the Belo Horizante Brazil Mission at the time, so he was absent) and then he hugged one set of grandparents.  He turned to his other grandparents and that's when Grandpa Wade PUSHED me into Trev and says, "Girlfriends before Grandparents".  As Grandpa did this I just put my head into Trev's  chest and held my hand out to him and said, "Welcome home Elder."  I was so embarrassed.  And I don't get embarrassed easily.
     So Allison said hello and then we stepped back and let the family do their thing.  Someone, and I don't remember who, put my now 11 year old nephew across Trevor's arms for him to hold and both Allison and I looked at each other and said, "He needs to grip that baby."  We thought he was going to drop the baby but Trevor says he was never in danger of falling.  Uhhhh, Honey, I know what I saw.
     Well, the family and Trevor departed home and Allison and I made our way back to the shuttle and back to my car.  I remember telling Allison that Trevor and I would always be friends no matter what happened.   As it turns out, he called me that night, we went to lunch the next day and were inseparable after that. 
     On September 10, 1999, he proposed to me in front of the Salt Lake LDS Temple and on December 16, 1999, we were sealed for all time and eternity in that same Temple.  I love you Trevor!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 2

So day 2 of the cleanse went AMAZING. I was not hungry and I felt good. Lyndi did great as well. In fact, she and my mother both lost a couple of pounds (and it's not water weight). I don't own a scale-why put myself through that torture of seeing that horrible contraption daily and never actually stepping on it for fear of what I might see-so I don't know my stats yet. However, all three of us joined up with some friends for a friendly competition of "The Biggest Loser". That should be a lot of fun. Here are some "before" pictures-the aren't the best. These are just some that I had archived, but I will have "after" pictures when our 9 days cleanse is up.

I truly DO NOT like this picture of me!

Go Lyndi!

Go mom!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boring title-2 new posts

First of all, a BIG, GIGANTIC, HUGE shout-out goes to my hubby, his coaching staff and his team for an AMAZING win tonight. So intense, so crazy! They won in the 9th inning after being tied for about 3 innings. We got a base hit, which scored the winning run. HOORAY!!! The boys played their hearts out and never gave up. Way to go!

And second of all....

My mother, my sister and I are all doing an isagenix cleanse. This is day 1 and so far so good. I have done these cleanses many times so I know what to expect.
Day 1-I always do great.
Day 2-I do great until about 7ish at night.
Days 3-7 I do great
Day 8-I start thinking the day is getting longer
Day 9-I get creative so I don't fall off the wagon

After reluctantly stepping onto the scale I now know that I have 14 lbs to lose to get back to the prebaby weight. NO this cleanse will not make me lose 14 lbs, but it will definitely give me a jump start. Plus, with all the running I have been doing I should be able to lose it all-SHOULD being the key word. I have accomplished it 3 other times before, so I am optimistic. Curse those dang tasty treats I keep on wanting to eat! So I will update daily so you can read about my progress and see how this product really does work and how you feel amazing on it.
My sister Lyndi will be the real testament on how this works. She about fell off the wagon all ready. So I will post her progress as well. Wish us luck!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gotta Gush!

I have married into a BYU family and I came from a UTAH family. I am now the traitor, therefore, so are my kids. But look at this DARLING photo of my pops and my baby. I will let the photo speak for itself.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have you ever...

Have you ever loaded all your kids into the car so that you can get to a basketball game-not just any basketball game, but THE basketball game where there is an actual chance of winning-and then run back inside because you forgot the ALL MIGHTY sippy that will keep the baby quiet only to lock the door and run back to the car, get in, and then realize you left the keys on the counter? Yep, I did that tonight.

Well, Sporty was able to get to his game-they WON! And I eventually was able to get to the game and get back into my house. Thanks Grandma Net, thanks Geoff. Moral of the story-have a spare key hidden somewhere.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days that when someone spoke to me this is what I heard, "Blah, blah, blah, blah blah, blah blah." And when I spoke to others, this is what I would say, "Blah blah." And this is how I felt, "BLAH". So this morning when I woke up I was actually expecting to hear coherent words, BUT NO, I hear, "BLAH did this, BLAH did that." Ahh, gotta love "blah" moments.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Personal Best

I am so proud to admit that I ran 5 miles this morning in just under 45 minutes. That translates to a 9 minute mile....For me that is an ALL TIME personal best. I actually got excited I did it that fast (fast for me and a turtle).
Now, for all you "professional" runners out let me explain....I have never gone out for a run just to run until recently (last two-ish years). And I have never run in any races until last Thanksgiving when I ran my first Turkey Trot-Trevor ran it with me (well, he left me in the dust) and it was a blast.
Now I am signed up to run in the Marathon Relay in May and then I am part of a twelve-man (or woman-not really into PC stuff) team that will run from Northern Utah down south about 188 miles in June. My three legs of the course go something like this (estimates)-
Leg 1 7ish miles...Hard
Leg 2 8.5ish miles...VERY HARD
Leg 3 5ish miles...Easy
WHAT AM I THINKING??? I'm not. But that's okay-I am enjoying the ability to run a 5K with no troubles at all and I really like to admit that I just ran 5 miles in under 45 minutes.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I know I am a proud momma, but watch this clip of my VERY intelligent baby.  He said his first word yesterday and I was able to capture it on my camera today.  I don't count "mama" and "dada" as first words because 1-Zman can't say "mama" yet and 2-"dada" is just too easy to learn first.  ANYWAY, I could hear Lolo and Z-man giggling and laughing so that is why I pulled out the camera and captured this tender moment.  Z-man says "hello" and "hi"-it's toward the end of the clip, so be patient and listen carefully. Also, for some reason the video cuts in and out...sorry!   It is PRICELESS!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Utah's Spring

              I have lived in Utah for the majority of my life (moved here at age almost 6), but i still can not get used to the spring season.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, 65* one day, the next day it is record cold and 2 feet of snow.  I could announce that I was pregnant again and that would be more predictable than the weather here in Utah.  By the way, for April Fool's my daughter called up grandpa (my dad) and she says, "Granpa, guess what?  My mom is going to have a baby!"  My dad's response?????  "AGAIN!?!?"  We all got a good laugh. 
              ANYWAY, I am not against rain, afterall, we do live in a desert and we need the water.  BUT, I do propose that any rain or snow come in the middle of the night and then clears out before kids start walking to school and we have a beautiful 65* weather with sunny skies.  I don't see anything wrong with that-it's a reasonable request, right?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter has meaning

                   Happy Easter to everyone!  What a wonderful day to reflect on our Savior's Resurrection and what that means to all of us.  I am so glad that General Conference was today-how appropriate to listen to talks on our Savior and hopefully take what was said to bring us closer to Him.  I am so grateful for my Savior and for the Atonement.  I am grateful that I, an unperfect person in every aspect of my life, can return to a Father in Heaven who loves me.  Most importantly, I am greatful to Him that lets me have the opportunity to be with my family forever.  Of this I DO testify.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lots going on...

We have been pretty busy around here from Trevor's baseball season starting to Sporty getting baptized and everything in between.  We are so proud of Sporty and in his decision to be baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  He is an incredible young man and son and we love him very much!  Here are some pictures from that wonderful event.  Enjoy!
With Trevor

The Family

We are so blessed to have Great Grandma and Great Grandpa involved in almost every family function.  They are such troopers to drive through a SCARY canyon at a moment's notice to come see all of us.  We love you both very much!!!!

Also, here are some random picturs taken in the beautiful weather of my kids...they are fun!

Diva at her preschool's Easter Egg Hunt.

Lolo enjoying the sun at the park.

Baby Z enjoying the great outdoors.