Thursday, April 22, 2010

11 Years ago today...

     11 years ago today, Trevor came home from serving in the California Sacramento LDS Mission.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  This was the day that would change my life (for good) forever. 
    Trevor had written me a letter asking me to come to the airport, and, of course, I wanted to go.  But I was a little apprehensive, because I didn't want to interfere with his family time.  So I called one of my BF, Allison, and asked her to come, too.  (She knew Trevor years before I did)  Anyway, I got ready and made sure I looked my cutest and Al and I drove down to the airport.  We get there and we have to park FAR FAR away and take a shuttle in.  While on the shuttle I got lipstick all over the front of my shirt, and yes, it was noticeable.  Oh well, nothing I can do about it.
     We get inside the terminal and walk down to the gate (this was when you could walk all the way down to the gate) and greet ALL of Trevor's family.  Not only was his immediate family there but both sets of grandparents too.  A little intimidating, to say the least.  But, everyone was smiling and all said hi and we sat and chatted until the big moment.
    So, not long after we arrived, Trev's plane lands and he walks out of the exit, looking a little dazed and out of it (later he told me that the plane had a lot of turbulence and he got motion sickness).  Of course his mom and dad give him a big hug and then the siblings (Nick was serving in the Belo Horizante Brazil Mission at the time, so he was absent) and then he hugged one set of grandparents.  He turned to his other grandparents and that's when Grandpa Wade PUSHED me into Trev and says, "Girlfriends before Grandparents".  As Grandpa did this I just put my head into Trev's  chest and held my hand out to him and said, "Welcome home Elder."  I was so embarrassed.  And I don't get embarrassed easily.
     So Allison said hello and then we stepped back and let the family do their thing.  Someone, and I don't remember who, put my now 11 year old nephew across Trevor's arms for him to hold and both Allison and I looked at each other and said, "He needs to grip that baby."  We thought he was going to drop the baby but Trevor says he was never in danger of falling.  Uhhhh, Honey, I know what I saw.
     Well, the family and Trevor departed home and Allison and I made our way back to the shuttle and back to my car.  I remember telling Allison that Trevor and I would always be friends no matter what happened.   As it turns out, he called me that night, we went to lunch the next day and were inseparable after that. 
     On September 10, 1999, he proposed to me in front of the Salt Lake LDS Temple and on December 16, 1999, we were sealed for all time and eternity in that same Temple.  I love you Trevor!!!

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