Monday, April 5, 2010

Utah's Spring

              I have lived in Utah for the majority of my life (moved here at age almost 6), but i still can not get used to the spring season.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, 65* one day, the next day it is record cold and 2 feet of snow.  I could announce that I was pregnant again and that would be more predictable than the weather here in Utah.  By the way, for April Fool's my daughter called up grandpa (my dad) and she says, "Granpa, guess what?  My mom is going to have a baby!"  My dad's response?????  "AGAIN!?!?"  We all got a good laugh. 
              ANYWAY, I am not against rain, afterall, we do live in a desert and we need the water.  BUT, I do propose that any rain or snow come in the middle of the night and then clears out before kids start walking to school and we have a beautiful 65* weather with sunny skies.  I don't see anything wrong with that-it's a reasonable request, right?

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