Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 5

Day 5 started with a BANG!  I got up at 4:50 am (yep AM on a Saturday) and met my friend Carla for a morning run.  We did a 4 mile loop that was insane.  It was all hills, hills and more hills.  She later texted me to say she was all ready sore from it.  As crazy as it was, I could totally do it again.  So with my exercising completed for the day, all that was left as Diva's soccer game and Sporty's 2 baseball games. 

During all this time I was feeling good, full, energized.  Then we came home from all the raucous and I totally hit a brick wall.  When I get tired I think I am hungry.  So I cleaned out my car, cleaned my kitchen and cut  vegetables (which took me about an hour to do-who'd've thunk) to keep my mind off food (ironic, huh?).  THEN I remembered that there was a ward cookout, so I packed the kiddos up and headed out.  Do you know how hard it was to see my favorite desserts and to actually stay away from them?  I did though.  The kids ate and since I all ready had my shake for the night, I stayed clear of the food table.  It worked.  Yay me and Yay will-power!

Earlier today I asked Lyndi how she was doing on the cleanse-she was doing great.  She has all ready noticed that her pants are looser now and she loved that.  I am really proud of her-she has not complained and she is sticking to it very well.  My mom is also doing fantabulous.  She is motivated as ever to stick to this and keep it up.  Good job ladies!

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Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Those hills totally kick my trash. I want to do it again! I like when there is something that is a huge challenge. Maybe next week, I'll be able to run the hills without stopping. That would be an improvement. Thanks for settin' it up!