Monday, May 30, 2011


My brother, Tad, and his wife, Bonnie, are in the Marshall Islands right now while I am enjoying my presence in the wonderful rain.  I hate them right now.  Not really :)  Just EXTREMELY jealous. 

Sorry, not a great picture.  I stole it from Facebook.
Jane, Rich, Tad, Bonnie, Jarom

Memorial Day

Guess what I am doing today?  Nope, not barbeque-ing.  Nope, not boating.  Nope, not having a picnic.  Nope, not enjoying the great outdoors.  Nope, not enjoying the sun, either.  Do you want to know why?  Because the sun is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.  Only horrible rain.  I am organizing.  Organizing closets, drawers, toy bins, clothes, shoes, etc.  What else can one do when the skies will not stop weeping, and crying, and bawling, and sobbing.  EEEEEEK.  This has been the wettest spring EVER.  No seriously, Utah's record was broken by this latest rainfall, according to the news.  I just don't think that's cool.  I could go for a record breaking 80 degrees starting in January that lasts through June 1.  Now that would be cool.
One good thing about organizing all the clothes, we need to go buy some more now!  Happy shopping to me~

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My graduate

FYI-I have posted A LOT today, so you probably should keep scrolling down.

Lolo's preschool graduation.  And, yes, she is wearing the same dress as Diva from last year's graduation.  Why buy a new dress when 1) this one works just fine, 2) Lolo isn't a big "dress" child, and 3) no one notices-unless I point it out-and if they do notice, then that person has WAY too much time on their hands.

Lolo won the "Hard Worker" award.  She did awesome!

Gpa Ted and Gma Sandi

Trevor was unable to attend-he was on a school bus to drive 5 hours down south to play in a baseball playoff game.  Sporty was at baseball practice.  Baseball dominates our lives in the Spring.

Tradition has us attend the Graduation Carnival every year and Lolo had a BLAST!

Miss Melanie

Goofing around with Mamma

Miss Lori

Our sweet little Graduate.  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments this year!


Is he not the cutest.thing.ever!?!  Love this baby boy!

The rain has also hindered my blogging...

Dear Rain-GO AWAY!  I know we need rain, we want rain, and it's good to have rain....but enough is enough.  If I wanted THIS.MUCH.RAIN I would move to Seattle, or, The Rain Forest.   So I am blaming all the rain on me being behind in posting such events as Lolo's Preschool Easter Egg Hunt (which happened in April)

If some of these photos look familiar, it's because the Easter Egg Hunt is held at the same place, with the same park, and even the same food (pizza or hot dogs).  Lolo had a great time, even though it was sooooooooooo cold that day.  We actually left early due to the cold.  Oh goodness, Spring in Utah is C.R.A.Z.Y!


Congratulations goes out to this team for being one of the last 5 teams at the State Baseball Tournament.  Trevor and his team of coaches did a superb job with these "misfits" and turned them into a respectable baseball team.  They finished the Region in 2nd place and their overall records was 20-8.  Congratulations, LAKERS!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


I hope you enjoy this clip. Grandma Butterfield is a 99 year old volunteer at the elementary. She is very active and, most of all, a great mentor to all the children that she helps. At the very beginning and around 00:49 you will see Sporty in his White and Navy pinstripe Yankee's shirt.

99-year-old 'Grandma' wins High 5 for reading with kids -

Thursday, May 26, 2011


AY! CA RUMBA!  This week has been INSANE.  I promise to update with pictures very soon.  P.R.O.M.I.S.E!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


My official time for the half marathon was 2:00:25.  Man, if I had only shaved off 26 seconds I would have made it in under 2 hours.  More to come.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.... or once a month on a Sunday starting at Midnight till 8am.  Do you have any idea what havoc you are creating in my life.  And, yes, my life only (wink, wink).  Because of you, Trevor's play-off game has been delayed TWICE and, therefore, he will be missing Lolo's preschool graduation.  Not to mention that now I cannot go to the game, where if it had been played on Tuesday I could have supported my hubby.  ALSO, because of you Diva's T-ball game was cancelled, Lolo's Field Day was cancelled, Sporty's baseball was cancelled, and Z-man has been couped up inside with me ALL.DAY.LONG!  Please let the sun break through and shine long enough for the play-offs to get played so that my hubby is around for Saturday and my BIG.RUN!  That is a WHOLE other can of worms that will be opened if the clouds continue to cry.

Disclaimer:  I am not trying to be insensitive to the calamities that are going on around me due to the excess rain and snow pack-my heart really does go out to all those being affected in a negative way.  I am just venting my personal frustration in a light hearted way

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Test run

I patiently followed the advice that was given to me about running and today I got to test my foot out....  The results are in (i know, suspense is KILLING everyone)
Drum Roll Please...............................................

Doesn't hurt!  Okay, just a little uncomfortableness on the side, but no aching, no swelling (yet), NO PAIN.

Let the count down begin...T minus 3 days, about 21 hours, about 4 minutes, until the big event!  WAHOO!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Running conversation

There is a group of gals I like to run with.  We train for half's and for RAGNAR and we run for the heck of it.  Well, to continue with that fabulous 10 miler where the conversations were awesome, let me introduce you to Lesa.  I call her "The Machine".  Let me back up.  Last year she ran the "hard" legs of RAGNAR, then at the last possible moment (and I mean hours before) she filled in and ran the half marathon down south with me while in a wrist brace (broke finger, had surgery).  She ran another half marathon about 2 weeks after that.  She has been running all winter so she and another friend could run the SLC half marathon and now has continued training for the half marathon we are running this Saturday.  She is also training for a triathlon AND RAGNAR which is in June.  A machine I tell ya, a freakin' machine. 

Okay, moving on. Lesa is very soft spoken ( and during our run she politely says-not verbatim-"Can I change the subject? I thought I would tell you all I am 12 weeks pregnant."  Our jaws dropped!  Of course we were all screaming and congratulating and happy and all "WOW!  You have been getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to run all this time; you have ran a half and are running another half; you are running RAGNAR!"  A machine I tell ya!!!

So Congratulations goes out to my running buddy.  She totally puts me to shame.  As soon as I get preggers I am down and out for the 9 months-too sick to even shower.
A.FREAKIN'.MACHINE!  But even machines need to be congratulated on a pregnancy!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Somewhat grounded...

Many of you know that I have been training for a half marathon since January, and it is going to happen next Saturday (cheers, hoorays).  I have been hitting my miles and cross training a ton to prepare for this race.  Well, two weeks ago today during a 12 mile run my foot started to hurt.  No biggie-I thought I would just walk it off.  Well, I couldn't walk it off.  Turns out it hurts to walk or stand, but it doesn't hurt to run.  Isn't that weird?  Well, no swelling the first week, just a lot of random pain. 

So last Saturday I ran 10 miles and it was one of the best runs I have EVER been on....EVER.  Everything flowed, I was in a zone, had awesome conversations (more on that in another post), felt fantastic all around.  I woke up on Mother's Day to a HUGE.FAT.FOOT.  What in the world?  Fast forward past two more runs (which didn't hurt) to Friday.  I finally went to see a trainer at the high school where Trevor works and as far as she could tell it wasn't ligament or tendon issues.  Now, she is a runner and she knew that no matter what anyone said-even a doctor-I would still run the half marathon.  Let's just say she is my friend and I will be getting an x-ray AFTER the half marathon.  My choice, my choice, my choice.  Did I mention that it's MY CHOICE?  On her recommendation I am resting my foot for 5 days, which will suck for me on Tuesday when I go out to run, but I do get to ride a bike to keep my legs going in the mean-time.

I promise I am not trying to be some tough chick, but the fact of the matter is, I have worked HARD to get my body in running shape, and I have spent HOURS preparing for the race-I am not about to have someone tell me that I cannot do this.  No way, No how.  Advil will be my best friend on Saturday morning, and then MAYBE (emphasize that word) the doctor. 

Up next.....RAGNAR!  :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I am sitting here thinking about what I could possibly blog about while my curlers are in my hair...NOTHIN'. I got nothin'.  My life is fabulous, as you will agree.  Oh something just came to me-I actually put this out on FaceBook...I couldn't believe all the comments I got back.  Now THAT is interesting...

"Dear Walmart Cashiers-all 4 of you that were open-if you would ask your supervisors to open more check stands when it's "rush hour", then I wouldn't be stuck in your line for 20 minutes with a screaming 2 year old and a crying 4 old. Oh yeah, FYI-the eye rolling doesn't make my baby stop screaming any sooner.

Thanks (said with a smile)

-someone who rarely goes to Walmart, and was reminded tonight why."

Hee, hee, hee.  I can laugh about this now, but at the time I.WAS.TICKED

Friday, May 6, 2011

Look who dressed himself today...

Does this look like the face of a little boy who doesn't feel well????

This was his best "cheeeeeeeeeeese" pose.
Okay, so I did tie his shoes, but he picked the ensemble out  My baby is becoming a little boy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What in the world????

Z-man has the "crap" again. I am not sure if I am up to battling this sickness for another 10+ days.  Anyone else ever feel hopeless when stuff like this happens?  Right now I do.  If I were a cursing woman, this is what I would do...I would flip off this nemesis and say "stick it!"

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter at our house is a time for us to reflect on what the Savior did for all of us.  In my mind it is very calm, subdued, spiritual, and an opportunity to learn more of the Savior's Atonement.  In reality, it's loud, crazy, and the kids are all on a sugar high by 7am.  Thank goodness for Church, for RS Teachers, for Gospel Doctrine Teachers, and especially for The Sacrament.  For 3 hours I did have the calm, the subdued, the spiritual learning opportunities, the reflection I needed so I could be reminded of a Savior who loves us, comforts us, and understands us, as well as one who died for us to open the way for us to return to Him and to our Father in Heaven.  For those 3 little hours, I am Eternally Grateful.

I hope you enjoy some of our Easter Pictures:  WARNING!!! OVERLOAD!
Z-man had to do it by himself, and he enjoyed putting multiple eggs in each cup.


Sporty was very proud of his egg. 

Diva wanted to get the perfect shade of pink.

Not sure what Lolo's hair is doing...

Sporty took this picture...not bad, not bad 

Happy Easter Everyone!  May the love of Christ fill your homes and your hearts!