Monday, May 16, 2011

Running conversation

There is a group of gals I like to run with.  We train for half's and for RAGNAR and we run for the heck of it.  Well, to continue with that fabulous 10 miler where the conversations were awesome, let me introduce you to Lesa.  I call her "The Machine".  Let me back up.  Last year she ran the "hard" legs of RAGNAR, then at the last possible moment (and I mean hours before) she filled in and ran the half marathon down south with me while in a wrist brace (broke finger, had surgery).  She ran another half marathon about 2 weeks after that.  She has been running all winter so she and another friend could run the SLC half marathon and now has continued training for the half marathon we are running this Saturday.  She is also training for a triathlon AND RAGNAR which is in June.  A machine I tell ya, a freakin' machine. 

Okay, moving on. Lesa is very soft spoken ( and during our run she politely says-not verbatim-"Can I change the subject? I thought I would tell you all I am 12 weeks pregnant."  Our jaws dropped!  Of course we were all screaming and congratulating and happy and all "WOW!  You have been getting up at the butt-crack of dawn to run all this time; you have ran a half and are running another half; you are running RAGNAR!"  A machine I tell ya!!!

So Congratulations goes out to my running buddy.  She totally puts me to shame.  As soon as I get preggers I am down and out for the 9 months-too sick to even shower.
A.FREAKIN'.MACHINE!  But even machines need to be congratulated on a pregnancy!!!

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