Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I started this thinking I had pictures all ready downloaded onto my computer, but I was WRONG.  So, I am changing gears.  Instead of cute clips of Lolo's Christmas concert and cute pics of Diva playing basketball, and SUPER cute clips from Christmas you will get a brief overview of what is to come.  Oh wait, I just GAVE the overview. 

Lots to come in 2012-basketball, baseball, running, a baby-a miracle called adoption.  Is that a good teaser or what?  If you are thinking we are adopting, then check my side bar or click on Punkins in Love.  I will not post more than my buddy Amanda will post, but her blog will explain it all when she is ready to divulge more details.  I will say this:  I HEART adoption and I HEART Jared and Amanda.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in High School

Each Christmas season a group of us friends get together and P-A-R-T-Y!  OK, we actually sit and chat ALL night long and we laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.  Then we laugh some more.  These gals are my chums, my girls, my gal-pals, my buddies-we can reminisce with the best of them.  Good times, I tell ya!

This year Jess was the hostess with the mostess.  We met at her mom's house-oh, we loved being at Cheryl's home in high school-that place has some of THE funnest memories (I know, funnest is not grammatically correct).  The best one was how the sugar canister broke (how it actually broke is still a bit of a mystery-we know Stacey was involved somehow, but accidentally) and we GLUED it back together so that Cheryl wouldn't know.  Well, she found out-how could she not when the SUN was coming through the cracks of the opened canister.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.

Also this year, our friend Melinda decided to grace us with her presence....jk we have totally missed her.  She lives out of state and it's very hard to coordinate everyone's schedules.  But it was sure great to have her there, as well as April, Jenni, Allison, Stacey, Jess and me.  I sure love these gals and I cannot wait til next year to get together again and see who else shows up.  We definitely missed those who couldn't come.  All right gals, it's at Allison's next year-mark it on your calendar.

 Back-April, Stacey, Melinda, Allison.  Front-Jenni, Me, Jess

Til next year, goofy friends!