Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I started this thinking I had pictures all ready downloaded onto my computer, but I was WRONG.  So, I am changing gears.  Instead of cute clips of Lolo's Christmas concert and cute pics of Diva playing basketball, and SUPER cute clips from Christmas you will get a brief overview of what is to come.  Oh wait, I just GAVE the overview. 

Lots to come in 2012-basketball, baseball, running, a baby-a miracle called adoption.  Is that a good teaser or what?  If you are thinking we are adopting, then check my side bar or click on Punkins in Love.  I will not post more than my buddy Amanda will post, but her blog will explain it all when she is ready to divulge more details.  I will say this:  I HEART adoption and I HEART Jared and Amanda.

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