Friday, April 6, 2012

Break through

Today the kids all went to the dentist, including Z-man who NEVER lets them actually do anything to his teeth.  But today was different.  The cute little hygienist bribed him with a bouncy ball if she could take an x-ray of his teeth:  he TOTALLY complied.  Then he climbed right up on the chair, laid down and started watching the movie on the ceiling-mouth open, teeth clenched, but mouth open.  What the....?  Normally, he is SC-A-REAMING and running around, jumping off chairs, etc, etc.  I am apologizing up and down about his behavior and internally cursing this cute little ball of mess.  Maybe he is growing out of his temper tantrums-maybe-YEAH RIGHT!  Apparently bribing helps, though.  I may need to take this technique and use it for future events.  Who knew-BRIBERY!  AND we learned a new word today:  toothbrush is now pronounced as "poopfrush".  Z-man is too cute!

ps:  absolutely NO cavities!  Hooray!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

What's wrong?

I have been a horrible blogger and keeping THE WORLD up to date with all that we are doing.  I have pictures, but they are on my camera and one would think that one could easily walk up stairs, get the camera, walk back down the stairs, download the photos, and comment on the photos, but one didn't and has not done that.  OY!

So, here is a picture-less, brief overview of what's been going on:

*Diva celebrated her 7th birthday
*Basketball ended for Trevor with the team making an appearance at the State Tourney-ahem, made an appearance, didn't say they actually played (sarcasm inserted here)
*Baseball has started for Sporty and we went down South for a tournament where they played awesome and played two games in to the championship series.  The team that knocked them out won the entire thing.   They did finish in the top 8 out of about 50 teams, so we are proud!
*Baseball started for Trevor and so far it's  I think this will be an interesting season, one full of potential, but interesting.  Coaches have good seasons and bad seasons right?  And that's normal???  Okay, we'll go with that one.
*Trevor celebrated his birthday!  Hooray, he is the same age as me.
*Sporty celebrated his 10th birthday in the car on his way to the baseball tournament.  I have a 10 year old!  Or as he states it, "I am in the double digits now, Mom."
*My sister, Lyndi, is preparing to give birth and place her baby girl with a FABULOUS family. 
*The 5k I am in charge of will come to fruition on April 21-SCREAM!  I will admit I am a bit stressed, but a bit excited to see the support our school has had from the families and from the community.

Ok, done for now.  Good day and I hope you all didn't get too many pranks on April Fool's Day.