Friday, April 6, 2012

Break through

Today the kids all went to the dentist, including Z-man who NEVER lets them actually do anything to his teeth.  But today was different.  The cute little hygienist bribed him with a bouncy ball if she could take an x-ray of his teeth:  he TOTALLY complied.  Then he climbed right up on the chair, laid down and started watching the movie on the ceiling-mouth open, teeth clenched, but mouth open.  What the....?  Normally, he is SC-A-REAMING and running around, jumping off chairs, etc, etc.  I am apologizing up and down about his behavior and internally cursing this cute little ball of mess.  Maybe he is growing out of his temper tantrums-maybe-YEAH RIGHT!  Apparently bribing helps, though.  I may need to take this technique and use it for future events.  Who knew-BRIBERY!  AND we learned a new word today:  toothbrush is now pronounced as "poopfrush".  Z-man is too cute!

ps:  absolutely NO cavities!  Hooray!!!

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