Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun videos

Last night I got too tired to post a few videos, so here they are...enjoy.

Baby Z took his first step at my Aunt's house, so I hurried and turned my camera on while my Aunt Margee propped him up ready to walk. You will see that it didn't exactly work...

This next one is of Diva, Lolo and Cousin E dancing at the baseball game. I am not sure where my girls get their dance moves...they haven't taken dance class yet. I am a little worried....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch up...

So, I have been without a computer for almost a week, and one would think I was the most important person in the world based on how many emails I had! Granted, most of it was spam, but they were emails. So, in a nutshell, here are pictures with brief descriptions of what has gone on in our lives the last two weeks of school. Side note- HALLELUJAH! School is out!!!!!

Coaches Scott, Joe, Ben and Trevor
Trev's baseball team won region and went to the State Tourney.
They went from having a 3-18 season to a 20-5 season. AWESOME!

I went on a girls only trip with some of my high school gal pals.
Me, Allison, Jenni, Jessica, Stacy (ey, ie), Jamee and baby B.

Yes, we are goofy. We stayed up til 3am playing Rock Band...this is how we act the next morning-jazz hands and all!

Diva and cousin E graduated from Preschool and both were Valedictorians! Congrats Sweetie!

With Gpa Ted and Gma Sandi

With Gma Net
With me-Dad was home sick with Strep!

Our graduate!
Miss Natalie, Miss Tessa, cousin E, Miss Lori

Graduation party. Sexy me on cotton candy duty!

Sporty's last day of 2nd grade. I can't believe I have a 3rd grader!

Lolo and Baby Z laughing hysterically!
More laughing...
...and more laughing.
Lolo, Cousin E, Diva enjoying one of MANY baseball games.  These girls are troopers!  Not only do the dads coach, but they have to endure their brothers' games.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day of firsts....

Today I ran in my first official run.  It was a glorious day for a run, too!  I ran in the marathon relay with 4 other people-Carla, Bradi, Tara, and Stephen.  I got up at well before dawn to catch a shuttle by 5:00 am to take me to my leg of the race. The race started at 7:00am, but I didn't start running my 6 miles until about 8:30am.  After my leg, I hopped on the bus and made my way back to town where I waited with Carla until her husband, Stephen, came into view, then we jumped back onto the course and crossed the finish line.  It was really a great feeling to know that I had accomplished this.  Bradi and Tara actually took it a step further and ran an additional leg-in fact, Tara ended up running a half marathon and Bradi ran 8 miles.  It makes me excited to get signed up for a half marathon.  Back in December I had tried to get into the half marathon, but it was full, so that's when Carla suggested the relay, and I named it:  TEAM LEFTOVERS.  It was quite exhilerating to hear the announcer say that as we crossed the finish line and received our COOL medals.  I know, I am a dork.   Great job gals...and Stephen! 

Me and Carla (sans makeup!)

Me, Bradi, Brooke, Tara, Carla
Carla and Stephen-Seriously, ice?  jk

Another first today, Z-Man has a fever, so I thought I would humor him and give him his first Oreo Cookie...

Before-look at thos BIG blue eyes, you can just tell he doesn't feel swell.

After-not too messy.  He enjoyed about half of it.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Okay, so for all of you who have gag reflexes and "ughs" that come out very quickly, this post is not for you.  BUT, I had to capture this moment so I could blackmail my girls later in life...

Diva walks into the bathroom with my iPod

Lolo is sitting on the toilet.


Diva:  So, I am texting.

I can only imagine what other arguements are going to come about later in life....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

First haircut

My little Z-man went through a rite of passage yesterday-he received his first  haircut!  Now, I had a coupon to this new (overly priced) children's salon, so that is where I took him.  And just for the record, I could have done this myself, but it was his first, and you gotta get the first one done professionally-for pictures, right?  ANYWAY, he was sooooo cute.  I forgot that when I scratch the back of his head it tickles and he cowards like crazy and cringes-it's so cute, but not very good for the stylist who was trying to use clippers on him.  I ended up blowing about a gazillion bubbles to keep his attention and in the process I flooded the immediate area with bubble goo-OH WELL.  Did I mention that this place was over-priced....they could afford to take a minute to wipe it up while on the time clock.  Baby Z had what we affectionately called the reverse mullet-not Kate Gosselin so much, but more like Kenickie from Grease-you know the one that twirls the front of his hair while singing "Grease Lightening", yeah him, pre-drugged out, pre-featured on Celebrity Rehab.  So here ya go!


And After....

Isn't he sweet?  I personally like the Christmas Jammies (or Gymmies...) he is wearing in May.  :)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Region Champs!

My husband is a baseball coach for the high school that I went to.  Tonight his team clenched the region title-the first one since 2004.  This team worked soooooo hard through the year, and their efforts paid off tonight in a nice butt-kicking.  I am so proud of Trevor and his coaching staff.  They took a team that literally won 3 games last year and turned them around.  The boys worked out in the off-season and hit all winter to help prepare themselves for the regular season-and it showed.  Congrats to all involved.  We are so proud of them and I am soooo proud of my coach!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Maybe we are doing something right...

Yesterday was Fast and Testimony meeting at church.  I was fasting for the first time in about 18 months (9months of pregnancy and 9ish months of nursing keeps one from fasting) so maybe I was extremely sensitive to the spirit, but I definitely felt it during Sacrament Meeting.  Well, my little Diva looks at me and says that she is going up there to bear her testimony.   I told her to go ahead.  She said she was nervous, so I told she didn't have to go up.  This conversation went on for  about 5 minutes until she finally stood up, then sat down.  She stood up again and took a step towards the aisle, then came back and sat down.  She did this for another 5 minutes or so.  Then, finally, she stood up and walked all the way up to the front, walked up onto the stage and up to the microphone, pulled it down as the pulpit was being lowered and very clearly, and very sweetly, she bore her testimony about how much she loved her family.  It was honestly the sweetest, cutest thing I have ever heard.  When she was finished, she walked right back down to our family and sat down with a huge grin on her face!  It was priceless.  After church she said to me, "Mom, after I said my testimony I had a good feeling in my chest."  I love this little girl!