Saturday, May 8, 2010

First haircut

My little Z-man went through a rite of passage yesterday-he received his first  haircut!  Now, I had a coupon to this new (overly priced) children's salon, so that is where I took him.  And just for the record, I could have done this myself, but it was his first, and you gotta get the first one done professionally-for pictures, right?  ANYWAY, he was sooooo cute.  I forgot that when I scratch the back of his head it tickles and he cowards like crazy and cringes-it's so cute, but not very good for the stylist who was trying to use clippers on him.  I ended up blowing about a gazillion bubbles to keep his attention and in the process I flooded the immediate area with bubble goo-OH WELL.  Did I mention that this place was over-priced....they could afford to take a minute to wipe it up while on the time clock.  Baby Z had what we affectionately called the reverse mullet-not Kate Gosselin so much, but more like Kenickie from Grease-you know the one that twirls the front of his hair while singing "Grease Lightening", yeah him, pre-drugged out, pre-featured on Celebrity Rehab.  So here ya go!


And After....

Isn't he sweet?  I personally like the Christmas Jammies (or Gymmies...) he is wearing in May.  :)

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