Saturday, December 24, 2011

Joy to the World

Merry Christmas to all!
May you all have joy in your hearts as we celebrate Christ's birth and enjoy this season of hope, peace, and love!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

12 years and counting

Happy 12th Anniversary Babe!
I have never been able to take a pic like this and actually like it...

This was a great game to be apart of...that #10 has all ready been compared to Jimmer Fredette.
We tried it again-this time Trevor was the snapper.  Still don't like it-I know, we are our own worst critics.  Blah, blah.

After the game we tried to make it to our reservation in Downtown Salt Lake, but traffic was horrific.  We were not able to go to The Roof-my FAVORITE restaurant and the restaurant that we have been to about 8 of the 12 anniversaries, but we still had fun at the Cheesecake Factory. 
 After that we were able to attend The Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert featuring Nathan Gunn and Jane Seymour.  Such a great day and night. PLUS, Jane Seymour's car stopped in front of us and she leaned over her son, rolled down her window, and thanked us for being a great audience.  We even made eye contact-I was star struck!  Good memories were made and many, many more to make!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

They say it's my birthday

I got the opportunity to celebrate my 34th birthday-that's right 3.4.  I know, I know, I don't look old enough to be 34, but I am.  The day was a busy one with shopping, and a tree lighting ceremony, a combined party, and of course, a BYU football game.  Heaven forbid THAT doesn't get included in MY birthday celebration *read with sarcasm. 
Anyway, Diva was chosen to switch the light at our city's tree lighting ceremony.  She was so cute!  She was also the youngest one chosen and the littlest.
The honoree of the night...

Lolo is a great supporter.  It was FREEZING!!!

Two of my boys.

"Cute as a button", that's how they introduced her.

Wonder what she is asking Santa for... 
 Now on to my birthday-I now share it with my niece A, who turned 1.

Happy birthday to us!
AND BYU beat Hawaii.

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

This year our family ventured out with Trevor's brother's family up to the Uinta Mountains to find us a Christmas tree.  We loaded everyone up into the truck (we even brought our beloved Belle) and headed out for the drive to find the perfect Christmas Tree.  Flash forward-we didn't find the perfect tree but we certainly had a great time.  The kids had fun tromping through the snow and playing with cousins.  Belle was in heaven running around and bothering Ben's dog Gus.  Gus had to teach Belle a few lessons in manners, though.  I thought by the end of the adventure she would leave him alone, but apparently she's kind of dumb. 

Zman and Sporty

I know this looks suspicious, but it really is a running action shot. 

Cousin E and Diva-I didn't do too hot in the photo taking department...

We got the tree home and decided it was not what we wanted and ended up going to a parking lot with lots of trees to choose from.  The one we got was BEAUTIFUL.  I am happy with the adventure we had and I am happy with the finished product.  Good times-good memories!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's genetic

Normally I am a very responsible person-I remember things, I follow through on things, I plan on things.  Today I got a taste of what's it like to be like people I may or may not be related to...I was a space case!  Lolo came to me around 2:30 laughing and says, "Mom!  Belle is still in her kennel."  She immediately starts giggling and acting like a spaz-apple does not fall far from the tree, people.  I run downstairs and sure enough, my beautiful Lab is still in her crate.  She had been in there since about 10pm last night!  Usually, I take her out around 7:30 every morning and put her in her outside kennel and feed her.  I completely forgot!  She was so good-no accidents, no whimpering, NOTHING!  She went outside with her tail-a-waggin and that was that.  She deserved a hot dog for my stupidity-the real kind, BEEF, not the yucky fake ones I give to my kids.  :)  Seriously, I blame my mother's family for that snafu.  It's genetic-my mom once put milk in the cupboard and I laughed.  Boy, karma sucks.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I know-it's late, very late.  But Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This year we spent the day with Trevor's side of the family.  I was in charge of bringing the stuffing/dressing (everyone says it differently).  So I brought traditional and then I also brought an orange cranberry dressing-recipe is from Kneaders, but I actually got it off of the Good Things Utah website of recipes. Oh yeah, the original stuffing was homemade, not Stove Top.  That's right-I.Can.Cook.  OK, some things I can cook.  That's one of them.

Anyway, we spent the day with family and the great grandparents were present-it was a nice, fun day.  The kids enjoyed playing with their cousins and the siblings enjoyed conversing with one another.  I am grateful for these times with family.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So behind...

Sweet, Halloween is over, now to Thanksgiving, with Disney on Ice in the middle.  Trevor surprised me and the girls with tickets to Disney on Ice in Salt Lake City.  Girls day!  So we hopped the train into the city, met my uber-cool cousin Angela (aka mini Mariah Carey sans annoying vocal runs) for lunch, then headed over to ESA for some princess fun!  We did have a great time, spent A LOT OF MONEY, and enjoyed ourselves.  The girls really loved it all-I will admit sometimes it was a bit cheesy, but my girls were all smiles!  I bought the girls some snow cones-actually, they were GOLD snow cones, because they cost $30!  But since I am a cool, hip mom, I was able to choke down the lump in my throat and hide the tears as I forked over the cash-this was quality time I was getting with these beauties, QUALITY. (hey mom, why don't you get one, too?)

I told the girls they could each get one thing to eat-Lolo chose cotton candy and Diva get her picture taken with a plastic Ariel.  No matter, they each cost about the same-$15-so I was sort of cool with that, and now we have photographic evidence that we were there and the girls got along for at least the duration of the picture taking process...  :) :) :)

We really did have a great time-they loved the train ride and watching the falling snow, they loved the Disney on Ice, and they LOVE their new snow cone cups they got to bring home-why, it's the gift that keeps on giving!!!!

Love my girls!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Halloween has come and gone.  It was fun, there was eating, it was entertaining, there were horses, there were cousins, etc. Grandpa Roger hitched up the ponies for some rides and the kids had fun, as well as Grandpa Ted.  He enjoys an occasional pony ride once in a while.  Plus, it's just funny to see two Grandpas sitting side by side on a pony ride through the neighborhood-who wouldn't enjoy seeing that?
My Ninja, my Vampiress, my Cowboy, my Witch 
Grandpa Roger and Cousin H 
I didn't do very well in the picture taking department-this was all I had.  I will do better next year.  Happy Halloween!