Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So behind...

Sweet, Halloween is over, now to Thanksgiving, with Disney on Ice in the middle.  Trevor surprised me and the girls with tickets to Disney on Ice in Salt Lake City.  Girls day!  So we hopped the train into the city, met my uber-cool cousin Angela (aka mini Mariah Carey sans annoying vocal runs) for lunch, then headed over to ESA for some princess fun!  We did have a great time, spent A LOT OF MONEY, and enjoyed ourselves.  The girls really loved it all-I will admit sometimes it was a bit cheesy, but my girls were all smiles!  I bought the girls some snow cones-actually, they were GOLD snow cones, because they cost $30!  But since I am a cool, hip mom, I was able to choke down the lump in my throat and hide the tears as I forked over the cash-this was quality time I was getting with these beauties, QUALITY. (hey mom, why don't you get one, too?)

I told the girls they could each get one thing to eat-Lolo chose cotton candy and Diva get her picture taken with a plastic Ariel.  No matter, they each cost about the same-$15-so I was sort of cool with that, and now we have photographic evidence that we were there and the girls got along for at least the duration of the picture taking process...  :) :) :)

We really did have a great time-they loved the train ride and watching the falling snow, they loved the Disney on Ice, and they LOVE their new snow cone cups they got to bring home-why, it's the gift that keeps on giving!!!!

Love my girls!

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julie said...

Cute! Fun!

And your Christmas cards are beautiful! Thanks so much!