Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's genetic

Normally I am a very responsible person-I remember things, I follow through on things, I plan on things.  Today I got a taste of what's it like to be like people I may or may not be related to...I was a space case!  Lolo came to me around 2:30 laughing and says, "Mom!  Belle is still in her kennel."  She immediately starts giggling and acting like a spaz-apple does not fall far from the tree, people.  I run downstairs and sure enough, my beautiful Lab is still in her crate.  She had been in there since about 10pm last night!  Usually, I take her out around 7:30 every morning and put her in her outside kennel and feed her.  I completely forgot!  She was so good-no accidents, no whimpering, NOTHING!  She went outside with her tail-a-waggin and that was that.  She deserved a hot dog for my stupidity-the real kind, BEEF, not the yucky fake ones I give to my kids.  :)  Seriously, I blame my mother's family for that snafu.  It's genetic-my mom once put milk in the cupboard and I laughed.  Boy, karma sucks.

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