Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

This year our family ventured out with Trevor's brother's family up to the Uinta Mountains to find us a Christmas tree.  We loaded everyone up into the truck (we even brought our beloved Belle) and headed out for the drive to find the perfect Christmas Tree.  Flash forward-we didn't find the perfect tree but we certainly had a great time.  The kids had fun tromping through the snow and playing with cousins.  Belle was in heaven running around and bothering Ben's dog Gus.  Gus had to teach Belle a few lessons in manners, though.  I thought by the end of the adventure she would leave him alone, but apparently she's kind of dumb. 

Zman and Sporty

I know this looks suspicious, but it really is a running action shot. 

Cousin E and Diva-I didn't do too hot in the photo taking department...

We got the tree home and decided it was not what we wanted and ended up going to a parking lot with lots of trees to choose from.  The one we got was BEAUTIFUL.  I am happy with the adventure we had and I am happy with the finished product.  Good times-good memories!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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