Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catch up...

So, I have been without a computer for almost a week, and one would think I was the most important person in the world based on how many emails I had! Granted, most of it was spam, but they were emails. So, in a nutshell, here are pictures with brief descriptions of what has gone on in our lives the last two weeks of school. Side note- HALLELUJAH! School is out!!!!!

Coaches Scott, Joe, Ben and Trevor
Trev's baseball team won region and went to the State Tourney.
They went from having a 3-18 season to a 20-5 season. AWESOME!

I went on a girls only trip with some of my high school gal pals.
Me, Allison, Jenni, Jessica, Stacy (ey, ie), Jamee and baby B.

Yes, we are goofy. We stayed up til 3am playing Rock Band...this is how we act the next morning-jazz hands and all!

Diva and cousin E graduated from Preschool and both were Valedictorians! Congrats Sweetie!

With Gpa Ted and Gma Sandi

With Gma Net
With me-Dad was home sick with Strep!

Our graduate!
Miss Natalie, Miss Tessa, cousin E, Miss Lori

Graduation party. Sexy me on cotton candy duty!

Sporty's last day of 2nd grade. I can't believe I have a 3rd grader!

Lolo and Baby Z laughing hysterically!
More laughing...
...and more laughing.
Lolo, Cousin E, Diva enjoying one of MANY baseball games.  These girls are troopers!  Not only do the dads coach, but they have to endure their brothers' games.

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Thanks for the alert! Loved looking at all the pix's. What a fun fun family!