Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boring title-2 new posts

First of all, a BIG, GIGANTIC, HUGE shout-out goes to my hubby, his coaching staff and his team for an AMAZING win tonight. So intense, so crazy! They won in the 9th inning after being tied for about 3 innings. We got a base hit, which scored the winning run. HOORAY!!! The boys played their hearts out and never gave up. Way to go!

And second of all....

My mother, my sister and I are all doing an isagenix cleanse. This is day 1 and so far so good. I have done these cleanses many times so I know what to expect.
Day 1-I always do great.
Day 2-I do great until about 7ish at night.
Days 3-7 I do great
Day 8-I start thinking the day is getting longer
Day 9-I get creative so I don't fall off the wagon

After reluctantly stepping onto the scale I now know that I have 14 lbs to lose to get back to the prebaby weight. NO this cleanse will not make me lose 14 lbs, but it will definitely give me a jump start. Plus, with all the running I have been doing I should be able to lose it all-SHOULD being the key word. I have accomplished it 3 other times before, so I am optimistic. Curse those dang tasty treats I keep on wanting to eat! So I will update daily so you can read about my progress and see how this product really does work and how you feel amazing on it.
My sister Lyndi will be the real testament on how this works. She about fell off the wagon all ready. So I will post her progress as well. Wish us luck!

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