Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 3

Fantastic!  After I posted Day 2, I did come down with a headache, which is normal when you cleanse.  For me, it was a first.  I rarely have side effects.  But I just drank more water and was up a few times in the night-hee hee hee. 

Anyway, today went very well for me and my mom.  Still feeling the energy, still feeling great.  We stuck to it and had no problems.  Lyndi, on the other hand, got sick.  Sick as in a cold or viral thingy-unrelated to the cleanse.  So as far as her shakes day went, she did great as well.  I am pretty sure she didn't cheat.

I should explain a little about how Isagenix works.  We have chosen to do the 9 day cleanse.  There are other options, but this one is a bit more aggressive.  Day 1 and 2 is the Berry Juice. You drink it 4 times a day and drink lots and lots of water.  You also take 6 Isagenix Snacks with it and 2 natural accelerator pills.  You get all the nutrients you need and your NOT starving yourself.  Think of a nursing baby-that bundle of joy gets everything it needs in a liquid. 

Days 3-7 you have 2 shakes and one nutritious meal that has around 600 calories, Plus the 6 Isagenix snacks (if needed) and the 2 natural accelerators (BTW-this WILL NOT make you jittery).  The shakes are very nutritious-when I was pregnant with the last 3 kids, I drank the shakes under my OB's knowledge.  To quote him, "this is nothing but good food that your body needs."  I DID NOT CLEANSE while pregnant, only had one shake a day with something else like toast or fruit or eggs.  I did not use it as a meal replacement.

Days 8 and 9 is the Berry Juice again with 6 Isagenix snacks and the 2 natural accelerator pills.  That's it, folks.  

I will be honest-some people HATE the juice and LOVE the shakes, or Hate the juice and Love the shakes or hate both.  I personally can tolerate the juice and I love the shakes.  And just like anything, I still have to work on keeping my eating habits good and keep on exercising.  Honestly, it works.  It's not easy, but OH SO WORTH the results!  .

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