Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 8

Almost complete!  Day 8 brought a temptation that I am proud to have snubbed.   I cooked a pizza last night for the kids and I swear it was calling my name.  I even went as far as to dip my finger in the sauce and ALMOST licked it.  I refrained.  What will power!  Pizza could be my middle name.  My brothers and cousins used to to tease me by chanting, "Lisa, Lisa, married a pizza and flushed her husband down the toilet."  Actually, it's very fitting today, as I LOVE pizza.  That little phrase would make me cry a river, though.

Last night I was thinking I was hungry, so I just kept drinking more water and had my Isagenix snacks and an Isagenix chocolate (yes, chocolate) and I made it through.  Truth is, I was not hungry, my belly was not growling, I could just smell the aroma of yummy-in-your-tummy pizza and was thinking how fabulous it would taste.  It literally was calling my name.  ANYWAY, I made it through, my mom and sister did, too.

Now, I am not saying this is easy-peasy pumpkin pie, but it's not hard, especially if you take it one day at a time and really think about the results you can have.  Not just the physical results that the outside world can see (and they will see), but the inner results of having a healthier lifestyle and the positive change it can bring in your life.  Here's to Day 9-FINAL DAY

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