Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 9

OHHHHHHH, it's the last day!  Hooray!  Tomorrow I weigh in and see my progress-can't wait!   Talked to my mom today and she felt anxious and on edge (for whatever reason) and so she was TRYING to find something to eat.  She even searched through all her desk drawers for some kind of treat to nibble on, but thankfully she had cleared out her drawers before she started the woman.  Eventually, she decided to heat up her berry drink (since it was a winter-like day today) and that seemed to hit the spot. Well, I, too, was feeling anxious and tense so I did the same thing-AND IT WAS GOOD!  I felt like I was sipping a fruity herbal tea.  I really enjoyed it.  I think my problem was 1) it was cold, 2) I was couped up, 3) I knew this was my last day, & 4) I was a little stressed today.  So, now the day is about complete and I have one berry drink left and I will have accomplished my goal....I hope.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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