Saturday, April 10, 2010

Personal Best

I am so proud to admit that I ran 5 miles this morning in just under 45 minutes. That translates to a 9 minute mile....For me that is an ALL TIME personal best. I actually got excited I did it that fast (fast for me and a turtle).
Now, for all you "professional" runners out let me explain....I have never gone out for a run just to run until recently (last two-ish years). And I have never run in any races until last Thanksgiving when I ran my first Turkey Trot-Trevor ran it with me (well, he left me in the dust) and it was a blast.
Now I am signed up to run in the Marathon Relay in May and then I am part of a twelve-man (or woman-not really into PC stuff) team that will run from Northern Utah down south about 188 miles in June. My three legs of the course go something like this (estimates)-
Leg 1 7ish miles...Hard
Leg 2 8.5ish miles...VERY HARD
Leg 3 5ish miles...Easy
WHAT AM I THINKING??? I'm not. But that's okay-I am enjoying the ability to run a 5K with no troubles at all and I really like to admit that I just ran 5 miles in under 45 minutes.


Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

That is sooo awesome! I'm jealous. Yeah, I am. Wahoo to you!!!! You need to pat your back and let everyone else do it too. or at least Trevor should for us. Seriously, you're gonna rock the runs comin' up. Way cool.

julie said...

That is not slow, woman! That is awesome! I have knee and motivational issues when it comes to running for 45 minutes.

Good for you!