Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 2

So day 2 of the cleanse went AMAZING. I was not hungry and I felt good. Lyndi did great as well. In fact, she and my mother both lost a couple of pounds (and it's not water weight). I don't own a scale-why put myself through that torture of seeing that horrible contraption daily and never actually stepping on it for fear of what I might see-so I don't know my stats yet. However, all three of us joined up with some friends for a friendly competition of "The Biggest Loser". That should be a lot of fun. Here are some "before" pictures-the aren't the best. These are just some that I had archived, but I will have "after" pictures when our 9 days cleanse is up.

I truly DO NOT like this picture of me!

Go Lyndi!

Go mom!


julie said...

This makes me miss your fam!! Tell them hi for me and good luck. I still think you're freakin nuts for going that long without actual food.

Lisa said...

Actually, we aren't going without food and I never feel hungry. We are getting all the nutrients we need and we do eat nutritious meals-but I can see how we are nuts! lol