Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We are the champions...

Sporty eats, sleeps, plays, thinks, and watches baseball like his life depends on it.  The kid is obsessed.  His little team went to Idaho Falls, ID, for a tournament and DUN DUN DUN, the won the whole SHEBANG!  Oh my goodness-we were so proud of all the boys!  They played their little hearts out and ended up going 5-0 for the tournament.  Man, they played some tough teams-who knew 9U baseball could be THAT competitive, but it is.
Sporty played his heart out and was hitting the ball like crazy.  He finally started to peak and at just the right time.  SO.PROUD!  And, of course, we had to take lots of pictures, so I hope you enjoy them.

Oh yeah, after the championship game I got hit on by the outfield umpire.  I replied that I was happily married and his reply was, "He's a LUCKY man!"  Yes he is, and I am lucky to have Trevor!
Sporty loves to play catcher.

Z-man goofing around with momma.

My little slugger

Do you like how Sporty is prepared as the pitch is being thrown?  Note the sarcasm in my writing...

Congratulations team!

This is his first trophy.  He informed me that he should have one more chore on his list....dusting his trophy!

Both teams played well....

...but time to cut the other team off.  Great job boys!

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