Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baseball, again

This is pathetic-I only took ONE picture during the season.  I thought I took some at State.  What.a.loser!
Recap:  This years team had all the potential in the world.  Some attitudes needed some adjusting, some were adjusted, some just tucked them away and let them slip out quite often.
Preseason started with lots and lots of wins and Region started out with wins.  Some losses made it so we finished in 2nd (still pretty awesome in my book!)
Went to St. George for the playoffs, got home at 3am on Saturday morning with a 1-1 record.
Monday saw the State Tournament begin with a huge win; Tuesday, the same.  Wednesday we met up with our biggest Rival in Region-Had the game at 6-5.  Unfortunately, an error cost us the game.  However, no one can blame the loss on that error-the team had plenty of other opportunities to win the game earlier, it just so happens that this will be the error that everyone will remember.
These boys really came together in the end.  They should be EXTREMELY proud of their accomplishment.  No other BHS team has ever gone this far in the tournament.  It was exhausting physically, mentally and emotionally.  Way to go TEAM!  Way to go COACHES!

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Heidi said...

I have a feeling your next post is still gonna be about baseball because I haven't seen pictures of josh's tournament yet!!