Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy birthday!

Z-man turned 2 on June 17.  We actually celebrated the night before because I was running in RAGNAR the next day (more on that later).

As usual we had a house full of family that we love, we had cake (SUPER YUMMY) and ice cream (not so yummy-the chocolate tasted horrible...), Z-man opened up his gifts, and we laughed while the kids played.  It was a good night. 

Here are some highlights what Z-man can do/say:
1. FINALLY speaking, though not articulate
2.  LOVES to play in the backyard
3.  LOVES Belle, his dog
4.  LOVES horses, loves to ride them and will not get down to take turns
5.  Has an incredibly LOUD, high-pitched scream when angered
6.  Loves to snuggle
7.  Loves to give loves
8.  Loves his hot dogs
9.  Shadows Trevor while he services his mowers
10. Has a very funny personality-loves to tease people
11. He is ALWAYS excited to see his "pappas" and "mamas" (he always adds an "s")
12.  Loves his "joooooce" and "nolk" (juice and milk)
13.  He lights up when a sibling or parent walks into the room
14.  Loves to jump on the tramp
15.  He likes to just run, run, run outside
16.  Loves to read books
17.  Loves to play with his lawn mower
19.  Loves, loves, LOVES his blanket
20.  He is such a mama's boy!

We sure love this boy-he is such a ray of light and he makes us all smile.  Happy birthday Bug!  We love you!

Aunt Heidi gave him sand toys which will come in handy when we go to the lake.  Little did she know she got her money's worth...this is also an awesome sword!

Grandma and Grandpa gave him this cute Trike.  He still isn't quite sure how to pedal it.

Had to throw this picture in... he actually doesn't have his finger UP his nose, it's on the side.

This kid is OBSESSED with lawnmowers, so naturally we got him one.

Dump Truck!

Hey Lolo-feeling a bit left out?

We were fortunate to have my Aunt Renee (aka Family History Guru) at the party.  It was great to see her and be around her.  Thanks Renee!

Grandpa and Grandma and cousin A

Aunt Heidi and H

Diva and Aunt Lyndi

Hooray!  A basketball set for the tubby.  Z-man loves to take tubbies.

Seriously, my favorite cake EVER!

Poor A-she isn't sure she likes to be held by a fellow baby.

Happy birthday Bug!  and Heidi you look awesome  lol!


Heidi said...

What the heck was I doing in that last picture!??? I think I was thinking I wasn't in it, but still what is up with my face...... and I'm glad his rake is also a sword, i'm sure it will be fun at bear lake when houston has his too.

Lisa said...

I know, funny huh? LOL There will be some good sword fights up at Bear lake. We are in training for it right now!