Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I am totally a slacker!

DAY 27  I am thankful for my daughter, Diva.  She is the one that will make me go gray but she is my sidekick.  She helps me with the other kids, she cleans for me, she get the baby a sippy for me, she acts like she is about 16, but she is my little girl and I love her so much.  She makes us proud by doing very in school, in piano lessons, and in soccer, not to mention how proud we are of her testimony of Jesus Christ.  She is a very spiritual little girl and I love to listen to her pralks (prayer + talk).  They are very well thought out and, again, spiritual.  Now I just wish she could carry that spirit with her all the time-she is quite the sassy little diva-thus the name.  We love you Diva and are very thankful that you are in our life.

DAY 28 I am thankful for my son, Sporty.  He is one amazing little guy.  He works so hard in everything he does:  school, piano, baseball, basketball, football, and indoor soccer.  He is such a momma and daddy pleaser-I love it!  I am grateful for his kindness and for his loving heart!  He is one amazing 8 year old-in fact, he is my favorite 8 eight year old!  He always talks about how much he'll miss me when he is on his mission, but that he definitely wants to go.   AWWWWWWW!  We love you Sporty and are very thankful that you are in our life!

DAY 29  I am thankful for my  husband's job and business.  Trevor teaches and coaches and I am grateful for the opportunity we all have to see Trevor in action as a coach.  Though the pay isn't much, I am thankful for what it does provide for our family.  Not to mention, I am thankful that other young men get the benefits of having him as their coach.  We also own a business-I am truly grateful for that.  Because of the business, I get to stay home with my darling kiddos.  Trevor works very hard to keep it up and running and I am thankful for that example he is setting for our kids.  I know times have been tough for many people these past few years, but we have been truly blessed-power of tithing??  I think so.

DAY 30  I am thankful for life.  Thanks goes to my Father in Heaven for giving me and everyone else ON THIS PLANET the gift of life.  Thanks goes to my Savior Jesus Christ for giving us the opportunity to continue on with life.  For all these things I am truly grateful!

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