Friday, May 18, 2012

It's snowing, so it must be baseball season

I am so behind on this....There is a joke that when it is spring time and it snows then it's baseball season.  Baseball has started-Sporty is playing, Trevor is coaching and Diva is playing.  It's our typical time of year where we live in our suburban and eat out a lot :)

First Sporty-we have all ready been to St. George Utah for a tournament and have started two leagues.  His team is doing well, and he is playing well.  We are looking forward to a few more tournaments where we get to travel and stay over.  Staying over is the kids' favorite part-they look forward to the swimming more than anything.  Silly kids.

Diva-she just started playing coach pitch softball.  These girls are so cute and so very green in the the world of baseball.  But they are having fun learning to throw, catch (or at least attempting to catch) and hitting the ball.  In fact, Diva hit a nice line drive and pegged a poor girl in the eye!  Diva was so sad and started to tear up.  Fortunately the girl was fine and returned to playing almost immediately.

Now Trevor-OY!  This season, which is now over, was one big trial after another.  First, the players were not playing well, therefore, they were not winning.  OK, every coach has a not-so-great-winning-year.  Second, because they were not winning the coaches were struggling to find players to ACTUALLY play, which then caused parents to flip out (because their kid wasn't playing).  Third, attitudes were such that they felt entitled to play, to tell the coaches what to do, etc.  So they quit.  These particular players would rather play and lose every game then be used in clutch situations to either spark a rally or to even win the game....THEN, players were caught drinking so they were kicked off the team. All players and parents read and sign a policy which states, among other things, a ZERO tolerance policy on drinking.  So let me recap-we started the season with 23 athletes and finished with 13.  13!  I felt so bad for Trevor and and all the crap he has had to face-it was rough, very rough!  Fortunately, there were many positive moments in all this, one being the support he did receive outside the baseball team and even the school.  Even I got emails and Facebook messages from people who had heard what had happened and they offered their support and expressed how proud they were of my husband and his stance.  Some even expressed how they wish that when they were in school their coaches would have taken a stance and made the same hard choices.  That was really awesome to see and read. 

So, if baseball was ever considered a non-stressful, boring, uneventful game, then one should come walk in our shoes for awhile, especially during those two weeks-I seriously gained 10 lbs and now need to lose it again.  So, here's to looking forward to a new team and a new year and here's to our cute kids who are working hard to better their craft.

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