Thursday, October 27, 2011


Where has the time gone?  Goodness.  There are so many potential things to blog about like Diva is soooooo close to getting her back-hand-spring to Sporty starting ANOTHER season of basketball, to Lolo absolutely HATING soccer, to Z-man still stripping.  I guess it's just another day in our household.  But the heck-it's almost November.  NOVEMBER! 

Grandma Faye's funeral was last week and I have to tell you, as far as funerals go, this one was top notch.  The speakers were phenomenal, the music was tender, and the weather was perfect.  Grandma was truly one AMAZING woman and this funeral was a great tribute to her and her family. 

It was also good to see Trevor's relatives that we don't get to see often. It was good to catch up, laugh a bit, and reminisce.

One thing I took away from it was that I wanted to be a better mom-a more loving mom, a more tender hearted mom (which can get difficult when your 6 year-old's purpose in life is to push every.single.button.I.have), a mom that is more conscientious about teaching my children, and a better wife.  No pressure,eh?

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