Sunday, June 10, 2012


This was a post I wrote on Facebook:

"Have you ever met anyone that has accidentally super-glued a flower clip into her hair? Well, now you have :) I AM Awesome!"

Yes, yes I did just that...I super-glued a dang flower clip in my hair!  How did you do that? I hear you ask...
Well, first of all, I PERSONALLY feel like I am too old to wear a flower in my hair, or to at least pull off that look.  I see other ladies my age wear them and I think they look cute-but I wasn't ready for it.  Soooooo, I decided to try it, but the darn flower was broken off the clip.

I am like a female Macgyver, seriously, give me super glue and I can fix anything.  I fixed a broken cupboard door that split in half with super glue and BAM my condo sold  I took the glue and fixed the clip.  I let it dry for like, oh, an hour, or at least it was dry to the touch.  What I hadn't thought about was that it was still wet on the actual flower.  I popped that sucker into my hair, went to church, went to my mom's for dinner, came home and when I went to take the clip out, it WOULD NOT BUDGE!  Holy crap!

I slowly pulled individual pieces of hair out of the "stick zone" and then I thought that if I put it under hot water then maybe that would break it up a bit to get more hair out.  I was wrong-it broke my hair completely off.  It was about a 2 inch by 2 inch chunk.  Yes, CHUNK!  It was about 11:00 at night and I just looked in the mirror and shrugged.  I mean, what else could I do?

The next morning I surveyed the damage and it actually wasn't too bad-I apparently added layers to the one side of my head.  AWESOME.  Yes, I am THAT awesome.  Who else could pull off a layered look created by super-glue???? 

So now you have met someone who accidentally super-glued a flower clip into her hair. 

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