Monday, June 21, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Z-Man turned 1 on June 17th and of course, we had to throw a party!  All the family came-it's easy when we all live within a 10  mile radius of each other.  Here are some milestones for this precious little boy:
1.  He is walking (actually started while Trev and I were in Sacramento)
2.  He has 4 teeth
3.  He is sleeping through the night...except while cutting a tooth
4.  He is VERY happy...except while cutting a tooth
5.  He LOVES his blue blankie
6.  He LOVES animals, especially our cat, Jaq (who is missing now, sniff, sniff)
7.  He LOVES his momma and dadadada
8.  He is into climbing-uh oh!
9.  He like real food now
10. He loves to explore

Good morning Birthday Boy!

Gotta test out the toys.

He got his own smash cake to go along with the themed cake

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