Monday, June 21, 2010

Mission Reunion-2nd honeymoon????

I am very late in this post, but here it is. Back on June 4, 5, & 6, Trev and I embarked on a trip back to Sacrament, CA, where Trev served his LDS mission. We flew out with Nate and Jill for this fun-filled adventure. Nate and Trevor were companions for 4 months and I am sure they were/are soul brothers. These two have this amazing bond with each other-like they were brothers in another life. Not to mention, Jill and I get along quite fittingly as well. In fact, the song by Train, "Soul Sister" (sp?) seemed to be playing everytime we got into a car, so we dubbed it our theme song for the trip.

To start things off we arrived at the San Jose airport and rented a car to drive to the mission area. I think we were in the car for 8 hours that day sight seeing, stopping at old apartments, former churches where they attended, parks they frequented, etc. We even stopped at "In-n-Out" to eat....YUM! That night we attended a devotional where the current mission president and his wife spoke. Then Pres. and Sis. Nixon spoke-I can see why Trevor admires this man so much. He and his wife are so spiritual and knowledgable and funny!

The next morning we went to the Sacramento Temple for a session. I have never been in a temple so tiny! It was a great session full of missionaries there for the reunion and their spouses-quite the group. Then off to lunch with everyone.

That night we went to a Hmong barbeque at the house of the first native Hmong bishop. He and his family presented quite the feast. It was fantastic!

On Sunday, Nate and Trevor went to church at 9am to a ward they served in together and then at 1pm we all went to another ward that they also served in. We were able to see peole they knew and worked with 12 years ago! We even got a dinner invite, which was greatly appreciated!

We had such an amazing time-we laughed and laughed, and reminisced like crazy. It was great to see Trevor and his mission buddies talked about the "old days, back in the mission". I am so grateful that Trevor served a mission. I am glad he had that blessed opportunity. It has shaped him in such a positive way to prepare him for all he has now and all he hopes to accomplish in the future.

GREAT 2nd honeymoon!

One of the church buildings Trevor attended.

Another one the Trevor and Nate frequented.

Soul Brothers

Jill and I at the Sacramento Temple


The party!

Pres. Nixon-he is really quite the character!

If there was such thing as the 4 stooges...we would be them.

These two remember names, faces and stories galore!

The Hmong feast.

The great people who prepared this for all us.

The party!

So intense...

Trevor's first house.

This tree is HUGE!  I couldn't get the whole thing in my lense!

Old Sacramento

We had our own rooms the entire time except this night.  We arrived at 11:30pm and had to be to the airport by 5:00am the next morning.  GREAT MEMORIES!  Thanks Nate and Jill!

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