Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!

Yesterday a nice sized envelope arrived in the mail addressed to my husband.  I didn't open it because (1) it was for Trev, and (2) it was from the school district he works for-nothing interesting for me to see  :)  Anyway, Trev opens it when he gets home and it's a hand written letter of congratulation from the big guy himself-the Superintendent of the district-and a copy of a big name newspaper with an article about Trevor.  This newspaper named him "Baseball coach of the year"  What a nice surprise that was.  We had NO idea.  The head honcho wrote this really nice letter congratulating him on his efforts and praising his staff and team for working so hard this year.  The article was very nice, too, talking about the turn-around the team experienced this year and talking about some of his players and what they contributed to the team.  It was a really great feeling to have him recognized in this manner.  It definitely put a smile on Trevor's face!

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