Saturday, June 12, 2010

RAGNAR here I come... or not

I have been training for the RAGNAR run for months now, so one would think I could run 8 miles without too much trouble....right? Well, factor in cold (check), wind (check), more flippin' wind (check, check), a bit of rain (check), a GINORMOUS hill and sore muscles from planting flowers for four hours the day before and I could have sworn I just ran a marathon. I have been SORE all day!!! OUCH! And not the good sore that lets you know that your bum is getting smaller-this is the hip-flexer aches, your bones are now 32 years old and your joints can't be fooled anymore SORE! Oy! Next Friday and Saturday are the days (21 miles worth of running-YAY ME! said sarcastically) that will either prove to be well worth the miles and miles of training or the deal breaker that says, "you are not ready for that 1/2 marathon in August. I am looking forward to RAGNAR-but let's be honest, I am not a spring chicken anymore, but I am trying to be!

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Amanda said...

You're going to do great! Just take it really easy this week.
And don't judge your ability to do a half on Ragnar. Ragnar is a totally different beast. You can totally do a half!