Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bear Lake Part Deux (that's French)

ALAS!  Here is the post we have all been waiting for...I know you check to see if I have updated yet...and I have.  Bear Lake is quite the hot spot for my family.  We ended up having a family reunion for my mom's side of the family up there and it was Fan-freakin-tastic.   Although, I am suggesting that, instead of calling it a reunion, we call it a sister get-together.  You see, all the sisters were there and their families (at least the ones that could make it) but the brothers were a no show.  ACTUALLY, one brother did make the 2+hour drive down only to turn around and go home.  Supposedly something came up...The truth is, we missed having them there.  They probably don't know how much they were missed, but they were missed.  We are a lot of fun to be around, so they missed out on us.

Enough with the sob story so here were go:  WARNING PICTURE OVERLOAD
Yup, that's me skiing.

This little guy was all tuckered out by 10am!

3 Stooges, er, sisters.  Sandi, Mary, and Margee.

Aw!  Newlyweds!

Aunt Mary and Uncle Sam


Why is everyone covering their noses?

Is he the cutest?!?

Marty and his wife, Megan.

I know that was a TON of pictures to endure, but can you tell that we had a blast?  We did!

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