Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Look what I found..

I used to frequently say that Diva is the reason why I am going gray; however, recently Z-man has begun to rival her in a pretty big way.  Don't worry-Diva is still WAY WAY WAY ahead of him...

Yesterday while entertaining a few friends, I walked downstairs and found this
Yup, he is STARK NAKED and watching PBS cartoons.  There is actually a much better photo, but I felt that would be too invasive (I promise it is funny and all important parts are appropriately covered.)  Let me just describe to you how he was sitting.  He has his legs crossed at the ankles with his his right arm in between hanging out around the knee; the remote is sitting next to him and there is a small pebble sitting next to the remote.  I must point out how responsible this 2 year old is-he disposed of his diaper by throwing it away in the bathroom garbage-so thoughtful of him!  I love this kid!  Let's just say we all had a good laugh, and so did Z-man.

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