Thursday, September 22, 2011

New running buddy

Since I am not officially training for anything I decided to start taking my dog Belle on my morning runs.  First of all, she is crazy; second of all, she is hyper; third of all, she is frickin strong; and fourth of all, SHE.IS.HYPER.  It was a challenge the first half of the run-she kept zig zagging in front of me and the other ladies which about caused some of us to face plant.  That would not be good.  By the end of the run she pretty much stayed by me, but I think it was because she was too tired to exert any more energy.

When we finished, I put her in her dog run, fed her, and went inside to get ready.  A little while later I opened our back door (which is usually greeted by a hyper dog) to check on Belle-she was out, probably snoring even!  Some time later after that I checked on her-this time she looked at me, but still would not get up.  Poor pup-she's out of shape!  By the afternoon she was up and at 'em and ready to play.  I don't know why it struck me so funny, but it did.  Maybe it was because I have never seen her so CALM.  I took her out again this morning, but this time she recovered much faster.  Oh that funny dog. 

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