Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Birthday and Parent Teacher Conferences

Today is Diva's 5th birthday.  I cannot believe my baby girl is growing up.  This little girl and I have a very tight bond-although, she can be my worst nightmare and my best friend.  She is a FANTASTIC little girl.  Her smile is so contagious, her personality infectious, and she is just beautiful inside and out.  I had such a HORRIBLE pregnancy with her (and I mean HORRIBLE) that when she finally arrived I was so overcome with relief and joy that words cannot describe-I was thankful she was finally here.  I cannot imagine life without her.  Everyday brings a new opportunity with her, a new joke, a new idea, a new everything.  She definitely knows how to challenge me-in fact, she is me, at that age.  I take comfort in knowing that I was a twerp but grew out of it, so maybe she will too?  Ahh, let's face it-I can STILL be a twerp-just ask my hubby...  Anyway, I am thankful for her in everyway.  I apparently need to learn some lesson when she tries my patience, but I always look forward to playing "haircut girl," and "makeup girl," and just snuggling on the couch while she tells me about her day. 

Lucky for her, she gets to celebrate her birthday three times-today, tomorrow, and next week.  Fortunately for our family we live very close to grandparents, cousins, and aunts and uncles; so they are all coming over for cake and ice cream tomorrow.  Then Trev and I told her she could have a party with her friends.  Her response:  "I am the Queen and can do whatever I want.  And I get to be queen with my cousins and with my friends."  Isn't she the queen ANY time she is with her friends???  Her nickname is Diva, remember?  Oh, I love this kid!  By the way, I took both of these pictures to see if I had any talent in picture taking-uhhh, I will stick to being a mommy who pays the professionals  :)

Now to Parent Teacher Conferences-I just got back from talking to Sporty's teacher, and can I say I have a FANTASTIC kid!  He makes me sooo proud-he does well in school, he is kind to everybody, and he LOVES his momma!  I love the fact that he wants to do well, and he wants to work hard.  He is such a good kid-I am truly blessed.  Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve the great kids I have-I just hope they always know how much they are loved and appreciated by their parents.  Afterall, we are human and we get mad...  Keep up the good work, Sporty, and we love you!

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Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Tell Diva Happy Birthday from us. She is sure growing up way too fast! Don't you just love to go to P.T.C.'s and have that wonderful report of your child! Tell Sporty Job Well Done!