Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple things that make us smile

My baby is the smiliest baby ever!  He smiles at everything and anything.  He smiles when the cat walks by, he smiles when he sees a dog, he goes beserk when he sees his brother or two sisters-he. is. HAPPY.  Today I pulled out his sippy cup and started walking towards him and Z-man started kicking and flailing his arms about and squealing that high pitch squel that only dogs and insects can hear-he. was. so. excited!  My point-why don't I get that excited over simple things.  The answer-I am a busy mother of four and a wife to a busy coach/business owner.   So from today on I am going to get ecstatic over the simplicity of life.  For example, Lolo's low voice, Diva's girlie attitude, Sporty's ability to talk my ear off, my tulips and daffodils that are beginning to break through the ground, THE SUN!  Oh I will appreciate the sun when he decides to show himself.  I love when spring starts and I can go out on my front lawn with my kids and lay down on the grass and watch the wispy clouds.  Right now my girls have two friends over and they are playing Play-dough (ugh-mess) but their sweet little voices make  me smile.  So, no more complaining on my end-I have a good life.  Besides it's Friday-GAME DAY!  We love game day!


Silmara C. said...

Hello Crazylikethat! (what should I call you here?)
Look! I am the first one to comment on this entry! This is your Brazilian sister. I do have a blog in English which hasn`t been updated for a while. But my Brazilian blog is very active. This inspires me to work on my English one then.
You know, he is the cutest baby. You are very lucky, your children are nothing but wonderful.
Just want to share the pain, I catch myself complaining too. I have been trying to be mostly positive and that has worked out pretty well for me. Find myself a lot happier.
Now I`m happy to see you here. This will be fun.
The Super Duper Hot Brazilian Beauty!

Silmara C. said...