Monday, February 22, 2010

I love Costco and girls' time.

           Okay, so call me crazy but one of my favorite things to do and definitely Trevor's favorite thing to do is go shopping at Costco.  There is something very exhilerating about bringing home food storage and knowing our family will be taken care of for a while if disaster happens.  Plus, it's just nice to have a crap-load of food sitting on my storage room shelves.  I get this same feeling after shopping trips to Gymboree and getting the kids' clothes for an average of $6.00 per item (jeans included!).  Yes, my friends, it is possible....
           On a different note, poor Lolo is not feeling well.  Fever, cough, belly ache...she said to me, "mom, I juss wanna go to da doctos and has her six me um-morrow."  Picture her saying that with her big brown eyes staring up at you and with her mouth pouty, just a bit.  She is precious.  Oh yeah, before she started feeling sick, I took her to get her first hair cut.  She is three and has never had her hair cut before. Just a trim-she is my long-haired girl.  Diva also got her hair cut-a longer a-line-she looks darling.  She spent the rest of the day flipping her hair and telling everyone to look at her beautiful hair.  OH MY!!!!!

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