Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so as promised, I will clue everyone in on how I became know as chuck.   As a wee 15 year old, I was asked to play on a jv basketball team at a team camp over the summer before my sophomore year. I agreed of course!  I LOVE BASKETBALL.!  So I go to this camp with a few girls I knew and few girls I didn't know and we are scheduled to play against a varsity squad.  WHAT THE!?!?!  We are TOTALLY inexperienced, we barely know each other and we are expected to compete?!  Well, we get out there and my wise coach tells me to play inside-now, I am 5'7" and the other team's center is like 5 inches taller than me and twice as wide (SERIOUSLY!).  So I listen to my wise coach and get out there and play.  My point guard gets me the ball and I turn into the lane only to see a semi coming at me so I duck under and go up the opposite side.  My coach's jaw hit the floor-she is not a tall woman.  She looks at me and says, "You just did an up and under like Charles Barkley.  You are Charles Barkley Jr-an undersized post player.  I am going to call you Chuck."  And it stuck.  Now, you could hear Coach yell my name during games, but it was usually phrased like this, "For HELL'S SAKE, Chuck!"  So there it is-my story of how Chuck came to be.  To this day people still call me that and I turn and respond. It's a good thing I am a fan of His Greatness himself-have you seen and heard how funny he is on TNT?  

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