Saturday, July 24, 2010

2nd half of Glacier

As promised, here are the last couple of days at Glacier.  It has taken me longer to post these due to sickness, a baby getting tubes, and more sickness.  I am SICK of sickness!  Anyhoo, here ya go...
We  cheated by going to see bears in "captivity"

Great Grandma was able to come with us

Great Grandpa-we were so blessed to be able to have them come on this vacation with us.  I never knew my Great grandparents, so this is very special for me to have my children know their great grandparents.

My nephew-CRAZY D!  That water was FRIGID cold!


D is just like his dad-CRAZY!

This little feller kept running across my feet looking for any food we might drop.

Avalanche Lake

Part of the scenery on our 4 mile hike

These kids are troopers for hiking-Diva, Lolo, Crazy D, K-K, Sporty

Brooke and I carried these cute little monkeys

Z-man fell asleep right as we were walking back to our car

Literally 3 feet away from us

Up at Logan Pass parking lot

At the fun center

Danica Patrick????

Sporty has Trevor's coloring

Water fight!
Lake McDonald

Ahoy Matey!

The End

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