Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I know...pathetic

I am using this forum to get the word out that we are selling our Explorer.  Info:  2002, 82300 miles, 3rd row, seats 7, 6 CD changer, power windows, running boards, tow package, roof rack, 4 wheel drive, keyless entry with code
We are asking $8900, which might sound high, but we are totally negotiable.  Bring us an offer, baby!

We have outgrown it, and I will admit that I am a bit sad.  I mean, we brought home two babies from the hospital in it.  It kept us safe in the winters.  It always turned on when I turned the key.  Well, except once-I somehow managed to get out of the car and go to the gym while it was technically still in gear.  When I came out from my work-out, it wouldn't start.  I had to call my father-in-law to come help me.  Now remember, this was at 6:30am.  He came over, got in the car, put the shift in park and it started right up....I know, I am blond at times.  He just laughed at me, like he always does.  Good man that Roger.  ANYWAY, it may sound silly, but this car does have sentimental value to me.  BUT, I am willing and WANTING to part with it. 

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