Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Reunion

My mom's side of the family has a reunion every year and this year we chose to go to Bear Lake.  I love Bear Lake.  It's close, it's fun, and one can get a killer tan.  I do prefer Lake Powell,  but that is far away-although, TOTALLY worth it.  So my mom's two sisters and some of their kids (and their kids) came up for two days of boating and  wave running (is that grammatically correct?)  We rented a cabin-if that's what you call it.  It's a friggin' nice home, not a cabin.  My in-laws took us there for a week last year so I passed the info on to my mom.  My brother and uncle each brought a boat and Trevor and I brought wave runners. Unfortunately, one of them didn't work, so we were left with one, but it was awesome and everyone loved having it there.  So here are some pics from it.  My sister-in-law took some great pics, so as soon as I have those I will post them as well.  Enjoy.
Uncle Quin, Aunt Margee and my mom, Sandi

Diva with her soul mate/best friend.  Cousin A and Diva never left each other's side!  So cute!

My sister Lyndi and cousin Nic.  Cousin D and M in background

Cousin K, A, Sporty and Lolo

Cousin C and Diva-posing of course!

Cousin Annette and her hubby Eric

Aunt Mary and my brother Tad

My hubby and dad, Ted

Check this cutie patootie out-A is 9 months old!!

LOVE the rolls!  She had a blast crawling around in the water.

Grandpa Ted and Z man

Lyndi and Lolo

Sporty and his favorite pal-Dad!

Nicolette-she really makes a good mermaid.  Actually, she's a sport to let me throw her off the wave runner.   We both got thrown off a few times-it was AWESOME.  We were laughing so hard we could barely get back on.


Z-man crashed...

...along with Lolo.

Mom and brother playing Mexican Horseshoes.  S-I-L Bonnie watching.

Look at that face!

Look at THAT face!
We even had a "lack of talent show" featuring the girls dancing to "Jump On It" and choreographed by my brother, Tyler.  Sporty and two of the boy cousins made armpit farts which coincided with music, my nephew B played his guitar and another cousin did a skit with my aunt Mary.  Good times, fun games, good talks, wake boarding, tubing on the "taco" and a great tan.  I LOVE BEAR LAKE!

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julie said...

So fun to see your family. Tell them I say hi!! We need to get together and ride horsies! We tried to up in Flaming Gorge but they got cancelled cuz of lightning. I was super sad!!

Glad you had fun and loved the idear of a lack of talent show! :)