Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Annual Lagoon Day

So Friday was Zoo day, and then Monday we were off to Lagoon.  This was the first year Trevor came for the full time.  Usually he is back to work and then comes later in the evening.  Trevor is not a Lagoon fan-never has been and probably never will be.  That's okay, I am, so the kids have someone to ride the SCARY rides.  We decided this year to go swimming-I haven't been swimming there since college.  The kids had a blast.  Trev and I took turns taking Sporty and Diva down the slides and then all of us would relax on the lazy river.  In fact, Z man fell asleep on me while we floated and I wish I would have had a picture of it.  He looked like a delicate angel sleeping in my arms.  We ended up going around the river about 9ish times and people would "oooh" and "ahhhhh" every time we would pass.  I totally played it up, too! 
Baby Z had tubes put in a month ago, thus the pink wax in his ears.  Oh yeah, like the bloodied nose?  Courtesy of the sidewalk-thank you Mr. sidewalk.

Okay, again, I am not a professional photographer-this picture does not show Sporty justice when it comes to his VERY FAIR skin.  He is so white, he looks like he still has a t-shirt on his body.  He is definitely Trev's boy.

I know what to get Lolo for Christmas-her very own TUBE.  She had more fun bouncing around on that thing than she did with the swimming.  I would be better off just buying the box instead of the toy inside the box.

Introducing.....Liza Minnelli!  Diva cannot get enough of the spotlight.  Seriously girl!

Now on to the rides!   Sporty's favorite ride is "The Spider", but this year he mustered enough courage to go on (drum roll please....) The Colossus!  He loved it.  In fact, we rode it about 4 times.  He even was brave enough to come with me over to "Wicked".  However, when we got over to it, it was CLOSED!  I was very bummed.  Last year I couldn't go on it-I just had Z-man, so I was really looking forward to riding it this year.  Better yet, riding it with my COOL son!
Yes, that is Trev sitting there in the swing along side Lolo and my niece, Cousin K

Sporty, Cousin D and Gpa Roger. 

The mini tidal wave with Sporty, Lolo, K, D, Diva and E

Again, Trevor enjoying Puff the Magic Dragon.  He was a cool dad to take the little ones on these rides.

My niece A rode the little boats many times this night.

Diva has met her match when it comes to Cousin K.  Both are spotlight HOGS!  But both are blasted darling!

Cousin E and Lolo.  My silly camera delays WAAAAAY too much.  They were smiling and then turned their heads, so, of course, that is when the picture gets taken.

Sporty and Cousin D.  This made Sporty a bit nauseous.

Sorry so hard to see.

So until next year, Lagoon, adios!

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